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  1. Duke has so many good word marks, just pick one. (I wouldn’t do black though)
  2. I’m bummed the thunder didn’t chose sonic, it’s a well known Oklahoma based brand, and would lead to so many SuperSonics jokes.
  3. But honestly I’d rather have an ok saint mary’s team get in than a bad TCU or UT.
  4. The chargers have one of the most complete looks in the nfl, I agree.
  5. It would be awesome to see him get it with his son, probably would be one of the best moments of his career and one of the best moments in the history of the NBA.
  6. So considering LeBron a average is about 25 points per game (it’s actually 27) and he needs about six thousand more points, (6076 actually), and there are 82 games in a season (assuming he didn’t make the playoffs), LeBron needs about 3 more seasons to pass Kareem. Probably more like 4-5 if he declines rapidly.
  7. So are they the first team to wear their primary logo on the front of their jersey, besides the turn the clock forward games