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  1. Chicago should be first (ufffff, I'm a Blues fan). Bring up Detroit, Arizona (love their current look), Philly, and Rangers.
  2. As WSU151 pointed out, the Steeler's decal is on the wrong side of their helmet. Wonder why the AFC wasn't posed on the right side? And are these still made in adult sizes? Haha
  3. I know a lot of people like the Steelers pre-italac look, but I couldn't disagree more. I think their current look is amazing!!
  4. The Colts helmet is amazing, haha! Seriously, I think the Rams helmet is my favorite, looks great on white and I love the gold accent.
  5. That shade of blue for Denver was beautiful!!!! And reminds me of childhood!!
  6. MLB: Cardinals (I grew up in NE Missouri, it's a given!!!!!!) NFL: Steelers (my family is from Philly, picked at six years old outta spite!!! Constant quote "Ya don't like the Green and Grey?" The Eagle fans hate the Steelers, and I hate the Eagles!!!!!!) NBA: ATL Hawks. I have lived in Atlanta area for five years and I've never had an NBA team, I guess it works????? NHL: StL Blues, pretty obvious, pretty depressing?!?!
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