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  1. So far I have... The "A" is from the Nirvana logo. The second "L" is from The Beatles logo. The "D" might be from the Pink Floyd logo. The first "E" is from The Who logo.
  2. Signed in just to say how much I enjoy the Cleveland Athletic Club logo.
  3. The hell with wine and gold, I want those jerseys back all the time.
  4. Love all three of our court designs. Release merch on all three, Cavs team shop!
  5. I like it. Will probably replace my 2017 All Star Game hat with one with this logo if the cap logo is good.
  6. Well, now that we're done hosting the All Star game, let's see if they announce a better main logo soon to slap on the sleeves.
  7. Around what time should we begin to see logos for the 50th season of Cavaliers basketball? Can't wait to see what they come up with.
  8. Love the Cavs one. Would buy a hat with those colors with haste.
  9. It's fine. Glad that the players can finally wear red when the team asks the fans to wear red as well.
  10. I've never heard the Greek C be described as "primitive" before. That's a new one to me. I thought it was universally loved. Have a brand new hat with it.
  11. So when are we expecting the "earned" jerseys to start being unveiled?
  12. It's just a shame that "wine and gold" these days is piss and burgundy.
  13. Love them. Way better than last year, and they are blue and orange!