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  1. Agreed. I don't hate them, but I miss the sun streak. I sure hope one of the alts have the sun streaks on it or I'm rioting.
  2. With the community jerseys I am almost picturing the Jazz celebrating Utah as a whole for the next couple of years. I wouldn't be surprised that the gold-orange celebrates Southern Utah, then you'll see a purple/teal for Northern Utah, and probably a white jersey that celebrates skiing and what not.
  3. The two alternates each year, I believe, are basically meant to last a year. I believe these jerseys will be a bit more radical then the Icon and Association. As much as I loathe that, it makes sense and drives jersey sales each year.
  4. Pretty much what I expected with the road. Not bad. I wish the number font color matched the Denver font color. EDIT: I take that back, that DENVER color scheme is BUGGING ME! The sky blue and white shouldn't be touching the gold.
  5. Not particularly looking forward to it. It'll be interesting to hear what crap story Nike has to say about it.
  6. You do realize you're critiquing a VIDEO GAME right? And, the Jazz are never going back to purple. Navy is INFINITE better than the purple they've worn in the past. I'm sure they'll wear it in an alternate or throwback or whatnot, but the navy blue looks much sharper.
  7. I wonder if this bodes well for Salt Lake City to host again since they were a financial success and wouldn't need much added for venues.
  8. That's not bad, but I won't lie -- I miss the cursive set. Curses be damned! Bring 'em back!
  9. If these are the team's with throwbacks, this is what I'd like to see ... I wouldn't be surprised if the Lakers wore the sky blue Minneapolis throwback, the Hawks wearing the lime green jersey again or the Pacers wearing the stupid Hickory "fauxbacks." Didn't I hear somewhere on these threads that the Pacers were going with a white Hickory jersey? Either way, I can't wait!
  10. It's Nike, you can guarantee it.
  11. Sooooooo ... pretty much FedEx?
  12. Not full time. But, I could see their Community Edition having them. Makes sense.
  13. I'm not sure if I am a big fan of the full name? I think leaving Indiana on the top arch and enlarging it some would make this 10x better. And, as noted previously, I am not a fan of the number font either.
  14. But, but ... NIKE!
  15. #67? Such an odd number?! He'll be the first player in 70 years to wear it. Moe Becker wore it back in 1947 with the Detroit Falcons.
  16. I'm in the same boat.
  17. I like ones with the counties on them ... Though, road maps are good too ...
  18. What kind of legacy or relationship would LeBron expect with Cleveland if he left again?
  19. According to ESPN he wants to be traded to either New York, Miami, Minnesota or San Antonio. Interesting list.
  20. Yup, I won't stop sharing my opinion that they need to go back to the horse secondary logo.
  21. I'll judge it for you ... it's sh-t.
  22. As much as I hate the ads, wouldn't it be KINDA cool if they used a throwback logo for the sponsor as well?