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  1. I love 'Color vs. Color' games. And, looking back at Super Bowl history there are a number of match ups that could have gone with such a match up. I wish the NFL allowed this to happen more often, because there are some GORGEOUS match ups. 1966: Green Bay vs. Kansas City 1969: Minnesota Vikings vs. Kansas City Chiefs 1972: Miami Dolphins vs. Washington Redskins 1977: Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos 1980: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Oakland Raiders 1981 & 1988: Cincinnati Bengals vs. San Francisco 49ers 1982: Miami Dolphins vs. Washington Redskins 1983: Los Angeles Raiders vs. Washington Redskins 1984: San Francisco 49ers vs. Miami Dolphins 1985: Chicago Bears vs. New England Patriots 1986: New York Giants vs. Denver Broncos
  2. With the NFL pushing 'Color vs. Color' lately, why can't we have one for the Super Bowl? Especially this year! The match up is ideal for a red vs. blue game. Make it happen NFL!
  3. Fascinating. And, aren't those the Pistons' silver jerseys too?
  4. Oh, this makes my life! That's gold! GOLD! HAHAHA!
  5. This is an interesting article. I'd laugh if the Raiders moved to San Diego. All of the old Chargers fans would be Raiders -- and all of the old LA Raiders fans would be Raiders fan, leaving the Chargers in LA with pretty much nothing. HAHAHA!
  6. HA! That's funny. Expect the same amount of uniforms but with more VOLT™
  7. The ASG selection has more to do with franchise/arena willingness to host than frequency -- especially in this day and age. Plus, there is a desire to hold the ASG in warm weathered cities. Besides, Toronto and NYC (which has International appeal and exposure), I doubt you'll see places like Boston, Indiana, Utah or Detroit host the game in lieu to places like Orlando, NOLA, LA, Phoenix and Houston. But, as far as this year's game goes I think it went to NOLA because of arena availability and hosting capability.
  8. I believe the min. is 50,000 which was established at the time of the merger in 1970.
  9. I think it was because they jerseys were designed before the game was switched from Charlotte to NOLA.
  10. I'd love to see a possible color vs. color! If there is enough contrast -- why not? I think a Kansas City (red) vs. any of the blue teams (Dallas, Seattle, NY or Detroit) would be gorgeous. Not to mention an Atlanta vs. New England or Houston. Just no Color Rush jerseys.
  11. I agree. I think they should eliminate one preseason game (making the preseason three games) and add one to the regular season (to make 17). Then play one home, one road and one neutral within the states or Canada and then play the 17th game neutrally Internationally. That way you could play some 8 games in London, Mexico City, etc. and sell season tickets to those local fans. Anyways, my two cents.
  12. I think the funniest thing about those Recycle Green jerseys was they were a one-time jersey PROMOTING recycling -- just a few weeks or so after wearing their St. Patrick's Day jerseys. If they really wanted to walk the talk they should have just worn the St. Patrick's Day jerseys and slapped that NBA recycle logo on there. That's called recycling! LOL!
  13. I don't know? Are you ready for copious amounts of VOLT?
  14. I think they were? For one they were included in a number of the video games and I BELIEVE those were released before or around the time that the game was switched to NOLA. And, secondly, if we are going under the assumption that Home plays in LIGHT jerseys and Road plays in DARK -- then the West should be in the light jersey since NOLA plays in the West. But, this setup would be acceptable if the game was played in Charlotte. But, yeah, they're turrible.
  15. Sorta? They were known in the standings as the New Orleans-Oklahoma City Hornets, but that was about it.
  16. We have players in the wrong uniform -- and teams in the wrong stadium. So, why not a teams in the wrong uniform thread? I'll start off with a few obvious ones ... (pretty much any Turn Ahead The Clock Jersey to be honest) What would you add to this list?
  17. How this doesn't happen more in the NFL is beyond me. If I played football, I am sure this would be me on Day #1.
  18. I agree. The lack of blue kind of bugged me. But, I love the look. It's very sharp.
  19. Gotcha. I don't think it really matters anyways, ESPN and major outlets mainly call them the LA Angels and the team pushes "Angels Baseball" over any other identifier. However do I wish they went back to the Anaheim Angels. Alliteration for the win.