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  1. Since the Nike switch I'm only counting 2 of 4 with Toronto and Milwaukee. I'd argue that Milwaukee's isn't a random alt, since they've had a similar black alt since 2015. That said ... the only jerseys teams should wear in the playoffs (and especially The Finals) are the Association, Icon and Statement.
  2. I came to make the same observation about this Statement jersey. There was no need to get rid of it, other than to get rid of it.
  3. And, this is how the 2021 Finals end up historic.
  4. oh yeah … they’re totally not going to botch it …
  5. They made it even worse a couple years ago with this subtle change …
  6. I can't give you OKC. The logo is soooo ... clip arty. I like the colors, but that's the only thing they go going for them. Basing something off their Statement Jerseys over the past couple of years would be a good direction.
  7. Well ... because the jersey's Nike speak talks about something, something honoring the state as a whole, or whatnot.
  8. My money would be on Loveland or Broomfield. Closer to Denver and a history of minor league sports with decent arenas.
  9. I'm not a fan of the current Suns orange jersey, but I am a fan of them in orange. The lazy design attempt of slapping the sun above the player number in annoying, considering they figured out how to make it look great back in 1992.
  10. PROS: I love the use of the Golden Gate orange. I like the Golden Gate design on the sleeves. INDIFFERENT: The fading fog element and the use of silver/grey. CONS: The Golden Gate design on the hat doesn't work, same with the G on the front. You could have done the fog treatment to the Giants script and it would have worked. But, seriously, get rid of that bridge design on the hat and I'd buy it.
  11. No, give me the Hawks in red and Suns in orange in Atlanta!
  12. Not a team logo, but a warmup for the New Orleans Jazz. I absolutely love how they incorporated the Superdome into it. But, the main reason I love that warmup is for the front. Genius, beautiful look!
  13. This is me as well. But, I have to admit I am now so much against the road team in white as I used to be. But, my preference is still either the home team in white or a color vs. color matchup.
  14. Not to mention Minnesota has been wanting to get to the Eastern Conference for years.
  15. I am fine with three ... association, icon and statement. That promotes some color vs. color that works. Just no City or Earned jerseys. Throwbacks, maybe? Or, maybe once a round for a non-clenching game (so games 1-3)?
  16. I don't know if I would call it bland or just ... lazy?
  17. I don’t mind road teams in white, especially when the key on the court is unpainted and the home team is in a team color. But, I still maintain color vs. color is the best option when possible.
  18. It's not old news considering the fact that AD is keeping No. 3 and not switching to No. 23. LeBron is LeBron, but ESPN and the media in general is who makes him into what's so damn annoying. I swear SportsCenter shares more of his Tweets than actual highlights. But, he does go out of his way to chime into a lot of things and I'm not entirely convinced that he believes half of what he says or if it's just for $$$$ sake.
  19. That Cavs jersey kind of surprises me with how plain and uninspired it is considering the Cavs gave us some GREAT mashups over the years ...
  20. I don't know ... I kinda like it? Maine Celtics is much better than Bridgeport Islanders. And, at least the Maine Celtics logo is GOOD.
  21. This is the NBA and Nike we're talking about here, it doesn't have to make sense in order for it to happen. I wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of throwback for the Knicks, Warriors, Celtics and other teams with ties to the original BAA.
  22. I’m afraid I’ve gotten to that apathetic point of no return. I want to continue my hatred of them, but ... I hate to admit, I’m used to them. And, it COULD be worse like in the WNBA or G-League. However, I will say this ... OKC’s Love’s patch fills me with rage every time I see it.
  23. Las Vegas Athletics sounds clumsy, but shorten it to what I’m sure locals will call them — Vegas A’s — and I’m on board.
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