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  1. As much as I'm not a fan of the ASG jerseys, they're better than those ... those look like a minor league practice jersey.
  2. I can agree with that. I think what I don't like the most about the fishsticks logo is that he's just there. There's no action or purpose other than he's just there.
  3. I think the two strikes for it ... besides going away from the team's traditional logo, was that the toothpaste wave and the human logo. Human logos, especially in professional sports, just don't make good logos and it's one reason why we don't see many of them ... Patriots are really the only ones that come to mind. But, I agree with @VancouverFan69 it could have made a decent third jersey crest ... at the very least.
  4. I think this was the NOLA's best jersey as the Hornets.
  5. Wait, what? What are we tampering with?
  6. These points I agree with you 100% on — I hate when the Bulls wear their city jerseys on their home court. The color palette of the two is extremely off. The same goes with the Warriors, Timberwolves and Cavs (earned jersey) to name a few. That’s why I like the Jazz, Heat, Kings and Cavs (city jersey) because it’s been more immersive with a matching court identity. You can kind of tell which teams are just in it for the jersey sales. But, you can also argue that an immersive identity helps fuel sales as well? Anyways, that’s probably a thread for another day. But, I agree with you on the loss of identity and you really don’t have to look as far as the Lakers for a great example, especially on these boards. Lakers gold should only be worn at home and not on the road, the white jersey only at home on Sundays. I think they’ve fixed that for the latter. But,it still bugs me to see the Lakers in gold on the road and purple at home for the select games they do. It’s been better than last year but it’s still a loss of identity in my opinion. The color vs. color though is welcome for me as long as their is a big enough contrast between the two. I wish white was just used as a clash Jersey if the need arose.
  7. I’m with @Old School Fool on this one. I don’t mind the uniform color choice as much as I care about some of the City and Statement jersey designs and matchups. I do wish there was more of an emphasis on color vs. color matchups with white jerseys used as a “clash” jersey. I also wish the Lakers wore their gold jerseys a lot less on the road, but for the most part I haven’t cared two much what the home team wore, especially now that I’m used to it.
  8. As real as the Arena League still is kicking.
  9. These two points. Throw the BiG on the sleeves and maybe an alt hat, but the main hat should be a nice clean looking M from the pic above. Sure modernize it a bit, but don't go crazy.
  10. *-Comiskey Park. Of all ridiculous naming rights wrong, this is the worst.
  11. I have a feeling this redesign is going to have lots of piping and stripes going nowhere. I can't wait ..........
  12. Wow ... has it really been since 2013? It doesn't seem like that old of a rule. I know that this has been discussed ad nauseam ... but ... there has to be a way around it by now. Even to limit the pros to a two lid rule is waaaaaaaaay more restricted than what we see in college. I'd love to see more of these era appropriate match ups and it's too bad we want see that next year like we did in '94.
  13. I like those throwbacks, I'm not sure if it ruins a team's identity -- I do wish that throwback games, especially in the football should be against a rival or other team wearing throwbacks from the same era-ish.
  14. They haven't had them for a while. Cleaner look I would assume?
  15. I think the NFL in San Diego is pretty much dead. Not only do they hate Spanos, but they're redeveloping the stadium into a campus site for SDSU with a smaller stadium for the Aztecs.
  16. I think the most extreme thing we could see from Nike is maybe a return to more baby blue road uniforms? I would support that, especially in KC.
  17. Well, there’s no need to predict, both games are happening next year.