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  1. What would fix this problem about Pewter vs. Creamsicle debate would be the NFL dropping the stupid one helmet rule. Either find a way to swap out shells or do a two helmet rule.
  2. Wasn’t their change to the baby blue pretty much their “change” last year. No need to do anything.
  3. I won’t lie, I miss bitching about the Lakers wearing yellow on the road.
  4. I think a lot of the new uniforms are going to go that way -- stripped down, semi-nonsense jerseys.
  5. Gross. None grosser than this one ...
  6. I kinda like them. They are FAAAAR from the ugliest jerseys ever. Sure the execution of the patch work could be better, but I'll take these over other G-League one-off crap ...
  7. That's a Chinese knock-off jersey. But, I agree. An ABA throwback WITH matching court would be cool.
  8. If there is one thing the NBA did that MLB are pros at it's one-off Throwback Nights. I would have loved to have seen this matchup last night in Portland. I hate these mismatched era throwbacks or throwback vs. modern/alternate jersey.
  9. Yeah, as arbitrary as it seems ... I hate the thought of a team not being able to finish a season at .500 (well I guess with a tie it'd be possible?). Also, how do they divvy out the home and road teams of the 17th game? AFC home (odd years) NFC home (even years). Personally, if the NFL is going to try to expand I would use that 17th game as a London and Mexico City game. You could sell season passes for 8 games like other NFL markets. Lots to digest if this passes.
  10. Yeah, I think this is how it will happen too. It will be a very underwhelming but welcomed change.
  11. The NBA was against black alternates around that time period. That's why we saw the Hawks in gold, Wizards in just black shorts, etc. And, if I recall correctly the Rockets wanted to add a black alt, but the NBA vetoed it.
  12. Oh, it's all stale and stupid.
  13. As great as some of the dunks were it did grow stale that everyone basically jumped over Common, Tacko and whoever else they could pull out of the crowd.
  14. I really don't mind the Clippers in RWB colors. It fits with tradition, the Dodgers and Angels. But, I like them as a blue dominant team. Red is nice, but it looks better as a splash like the Dodgers.
  15. I see what you're saying, but last time this happened we got these ...
  16. Technical or just the fact that moving floors around is exhausting for an arena crew that also deals with hockey?
  17. Mavs are in their City Jerseys but playing on their regular court against the Jazz
  18. I love the color combo, but DAMN wasn't that an awesome ending!
  19. That’s horrible. Just put the name under the number.
  20. Yup. And, to add to the discussion. I love the idea of the 2015 Rising Stars look for the ASG. I'd also love a throwback ASG look again like they did in 2003 in Atlanta. Maybe an early 90s look with the red and blue version for the two teams?
  21. Yeah, they're very 90s-ish. I think they were fun for the time period.
  22. Eh. I tend to disagree. San Antonio and Phoenix were cool, but I like the Red vs. Blue matchups. Not a fan of the current trend of team or All-Star logo on front without a number.
  23. Sooooo ... when are the Jags going to move? If they can't get $700m upgrade they've got to be up for relocation either to London or somewhere in the States (St. Louis, San Diego, Oakland, etc.)