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  1. The thing is the Spurs never wore the fiesta colors on their uniforms. The closest it got was the warmups and floor.
  2. I won't argue on Musial, but I've always like the Sportsman Park moniker. Sportsman's Park V?
  3. That wouldn't help it any. The number font needs to match the Warriors wordmark font.
  4. I miss 2016. EDIT: 2012, Pre-sleeve NBA.
  5. You know, the 4th of July caps made me think of something that I think would be cool. What if they had a Throwback Weekend where teams wear an era appropriate jersey and hat? Like 1900, 1930, 1970s, etc. and for those teams that weren't around use either a Minor League team from that era or do a fauxback like the Rays do for the 80s? I think that would be really cool. Maybe even do Negro League inspired jerseys on Jackie Robinson Day? Okay I am probably getting ahead of myself.
  6. I would assume ... and have been assuming ... that they'd use them. But, since THE TOWN jerseys have been their statement jersey for the past two years I could totally see them making a modern version of THE CITY as well.
  7. I don’t mind the soccer kits. I think what I don’t like about the WNBA’s method is they have local AND league advertiser on the jerseys. Now with the team logo in the center with no front number it looks awful. Too busy.
  8. The most jarring thing about Draymond here is that I associate that jersey and number with Jason Richardson. It's funny that I didn't really connect the shared number until these throwbacks.
  9. I'm in the same boat. The football just looks ... odd? JETS would be fine, but I'd prefer the NY logo over anything else.
  10. But, what's worse ... PowerBalance Pavilion or SleepTrain Arena?
  11. I am not sure if I love it MORE than their current set? But, as mentioned by @anythinglogos their road was my favorite and that orange was my favorite part of the logo and jersey.
  12. But, Spectrum Jr. is (somehow) better.
  13. I don’t MIND the electric lime green color, but it just doesn’t work with the Wolves identity at all ... especially on their home court which is heavily navy blue.
  14. Let's have a little fun. With the majority of sports stadiums, arenas and ballparks named with a corporate sponsor ... what would you want YOUR team's venue to be called if corporate names weren't allowed? Here are mine ... Utah Jazz - Salt Palace or Miller Sports Arena San Francisco Giants - McCovey Park or South Beach Park Pittsburgh Steelers - Rooney Field Chicago Blackhawks/Bulls - Chicago Stadium II or Madison Street Arena
  15. I am 100% with you on that too. I blame it a lot on the fact that my first sport love was basketball because of the Jazz. I didn't have a team above the Golden Eagles here in Salt Lake to cheer for. I like it, I just don't get how to properly watch it.
  16. How do you simplify their number font ... it’s pretty basic as is? Especially matched up against most new jerseys.
  17. I don’t MIND the uniforms, but I’d prefer the NY ball logo on the helmet.
  18. 100% agree!!! I hope the Jazz wear throwbacks again next year! Either the home whites from that era. But, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they brought out the mountain jerseys.
  19. I agree with you on that, I loved those UTAH jerseys. But, the green on the blue jerseys needs to be lighter.
  20. I agree with you on the shade of green. It needs to be kelly green. That’s what bugged me the most about the Hayward era alternates.
  21. I agree. But, I do like the current Jazz colors. The level of blue works.
  22. I think the biggest issue ... at least for me ... is the use of the white jerseys on the road. Sure it's happened before in the past, but there's no rhyme or reason it seems for when their worn on the road. I wish the white jerseys were worn only as a clash kit.