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  1. I love that they're social distancing the players from each other. If they do that on the court I'm sure we'll see some All-Star Game-esque record breaking numbers.
  2. Dixie State in Southern Utah has recently gone through a number of changes the past decade or so with the nicknames tied to the Confederacy. They went from Rebels to Red Storm (awful) to Trailblazers (slightly better) since 2009. There was also talk about renaming the school when it became a university. The whole reason it's called Dixie State in the first place is fascinating as the region is called Utah's Dixie because it was founded by a number of Southerners sent there by Brigham Young to grow cotton and tobacco, even though it didn't work out that well. As far as UNLV goes, I'm all for Star Wars Rebels! But, yeah. If they could reimagine the Rebel into something that worked I think that'd be the best bet. And, I'd rather see a nickname that represented Southern Nevada rather than Vegas. Plus, Stars, Aces, etc. are better pro names than collegiate.
  3. And, that's what makes them great.
  4. It's one of my biggest jersey pet peeves. Baseball does it right where the visiting team usually dresses in era appropriate uniforms. I don't see how Nike wouldn't be all over having a couple teams sporting one off throwbacks? More jerseys to sell, no?
  6. They should just base their logo off this ... a shark with a GOLDEN seal in its' jaw. The symbolism is just perfect.
  7. I don't think it was flippant when he mentioned the NBA and Disney over the top logistics are their jam. They have the resources to do it. They could easily do it. But, honestly, as a fan I don't think it's necessary. It'd be nice, but if they were to do it I'd only do it for the Finals or Conference Finals.
  8. Brooklyn did have those Dodger inspired alternates.
  9. To further your point, I believe one of the reasons why they went with baby blue and gold was because then-GM Kiki Vandeweghe was an UCLA alum. There's a Denver Post article that talks about it, but it's pay walled.
  10. I wish I remembered where I read it, but the Rockets actually tried to backtrack on the logo change after the second title, but I think it was too late to reverse course because merchandise was already made and would have probably cost the team millions to reimburse the companies for unused merch.
  11. It feels weird saying Key Arena is the wrong arena for a player that played on a franchise that should have never left Seattle. But, yeah ...
  12. I think the Nets are fine. They went all in on the look when they moved from Jersey to Brooklyn ... and it works. But, that era in the 2000s produced some awfully generic and overtly blue jerseys for teams that had identities it didn't match.
  13. Neither should be an option.
  14. That's why I liked what the Hornets did with the same jersey with different colors the past three years.
  15. Yeah, the black and copper didn't match that current Jazz team. I do wish they kept this template when they switched to the double blue including the numbers.
  16. But, the Hornets could still do something like that with their City Jersey without necessarily acknowledging the Bobcats.
  17. If I'm making a throwback wishlist here, I'd love to see the Jazz throwback to the Utah Stars, especially since 2021 is the 50th anniversary of their championship.
  18. I remember when this was first unveiled and thinking it was just the ASG logo from 1993. The UTAH font is a match and it's heavily inspired by the ASG with the ball and mountains. I'd love to know the design process behind the '96 logo. Was the ASG logo an early take on the logo?
  19. Yeah, the Jazz's identity "crisis" is interesting to me. It really started in 1996 when they switched to the mountain logo. They were trying to distance themselves from the New Orleans identity after 17 years in Utah by going with something that was both UTAH and 'JAZZY' instead of playing off the music nickname. It was also economical as was the trend in the 90s with a number of long standing unchanging team logos. The recoloring in 2004 was all Reebok and what was hot (look at Orlando, Dallas, Atlanta, Memphis for examples). I didn't really mind the two blue look. I think it's more 'UTAH' than the original mountain look. The other problem was going back to the note logo in 2010. I get it. Nostalgia was big, especially after LHM died who LOVED the note logo. But, I don't know if they should have gone back to it? I love it too. But, I'm just as happy with it being a throwback than something in the current identity. The look was a mess until 2016 when they finally dropped the mountain logo for good. But, with the current looks, I struggle a bit with the redrock and note logos because it's that UTAH vs. JAZZ NOTE fight again, the one they tried to get away from in 1996. And, it's not a simple solution of renaming the team, because I don't see that ever happening with over 40 years here in Utah. So, I think this struggle will be a branding nightmare for a long time with the Jazz. It's either going to be all about UTAH, NOTE LOGO or some awkward forced marriage between the two?
  20. Ehhhh ... the original Nique jerseys lasted a decade. If anything that’s their most memorable look. Good? Meh. It gets more points for nostalgia.
  21. Found these the other day and thought it was interesting. It's Danny Manning without a number on the front of his jersey (I am still looking for a back view). This game was against the Minnesota Timberwolves in 1993 right after he was traded to Atlanta. This was his first home game, but not first game with the Hawks. He played a few nights earlier against the 76ers in Philly. I am curious to see what his jersey looked like there (going to go look).
  22. Awwww, gotcha. Thanks for the little history lesson.