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  1. Well, they had the home early 80s, but that’s about it. Good question. I guess they just like it that way?
  2. Yet, I’m fine with it, because it’s at least a traditional jersey design and colors. Odd, but not as jarring as him in a Hornets’ jersey.
  3. Not to mention it gives a fairly lifeless and boring uniform some character. I honestly can’t think of a more boring jersey, especially one that lasted for nearly a decade. Maybe it was because most Bullets team that wore them sucked horribly?
  4. For a number of years there was a 4 team preseason tournament that also included the Lakers (and I think Clippers?)
  5. I think the Pistons had as well?
  6. I am a little surprised they haven’t ... they have once? But, it’s such a contrast to what they’ve basically always worn.
  7. It’s a preseason game.
  8. The font is better, but that STUPID "I" will bug me until the day I die.
  9. The U sued the Jazz? I don't recall ever seeing that. They have trademarks on their block design and logos, but not the color. And, I don't think a switch to red would cause the U to throw a fit, especially considering BYU didn't throw a fit when the Jazz switched to blue.
  10. This is the DUMBEST thing ever. Those white hats aren't even legible. I feel like this is MLB's answer to the NBA's All-Star Game wanting them to show off their shoe colors. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.
  11. Switching to a purple, sky blue, teal, copper and black palette was a bit of a stretch for the Jazz. But, it KINDA worked because the font was "jazzy" and purple, green (teal) and gold (copper) was still somewhat represented. A full-time switch to yellow and red for the Jazz wouldn't work. It only works now because the City jerseys aren't necessarily meant to stick with the team's color palette.
  12. I like it better than the block they have from 2010-16. And it’s all suppose to tie in with the 66% slant that the Jazz logo font is at along with the piping cuts on the shorts. Could they do something better? Probably? But, I don’t think there are a lot of ways going about it. The one thing that does bug me the most about the number font is the open 4
  13. HA ... I wouldn't put money on it.
  14. You could MAYBE get away with that if the navy blue was MUCH darker almost like a black. But, I still don't think that works.
  15. Navy, purple and copper? That sounds horrible.
  16. I can see that. But, and maybe this is why purple was retained with the mountain logo, when I think of Utah -- I think of mountains -- and when I think of mountains -- I think of purple mountains majesty. I don't associate navy with it as much.
  17. Agreed. I did like the sky blue jerseys after the recoloring in ‘04. A fix here and there — namely changing the numeral font and removing UTAH down the shorts — would make it perfect.
  18. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Southern Utah was the Statement. But, there’s been chatter here that the City Jersey will be a granite inspired design?
  19. The Jazz marketing knows what they’re doing. They were great last year. I am excited as well, especially on top of all the moves and buzz the team created during the off-season.
  20. Eh, I don’t know ... sure both teams will market in LA and OC, but their headquarters and practice facility is in Costa Mesa. Plus, with OC and SD Counties neighboring each other they’d be stupid not too considering there is a fan base there that doesn’t care if Los Angeles or San Diego is in front the team nickname.
  21. I think the worst of all the nickname jerseys is Buzz City. Didn’t grow out of a title run — Clutch City & Rip City. Or grow from a non-sport city nickname — Motor City & The Land. It grew from a marketing firm trying to capitalize on the return of the Hornets nickname.