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  1. Egags. Then again, I've only been to one NFL game about 10 years ago ... and the tickets were free. Needless to say, I'm cheap.
  2. $18.99 for a game program?! I remember paying $5 for game programs! But, nearly $20?! Shakes fist to the sky while yelling to get off my lawn.
  3. I think I've said it before, but I'd love to get a color vs. color Super Bowl matchup as long as it's not an alternate or Color Rush look. For instance if New Orleans and Kansas City matched up ...
  4. Wait, this is an unpopular opinion? They absolutely looked their best in 1999.
  5. I don't know why I like that? But, I really like that. I know shouldn't like it, but I do.
  6. If the Chargers and Rams make it to the Super Bowl, I want this ... I don't care if they're shades of blue, yada, yada, yada, it's 2019 we basically all have HD televisions ... it also feels right to have two LA football teams wearing color vs. color, right?
  7. NEW RULE: Once you're eliminated from playoff contention for the current year, you lose your "earned" jersey. Sooooo ... Cleveland give us back your jersey ...
  8. Odds are the next time this matchup happens it'll be a hot mess!
  9. I feel like it started with collegiate sports and moved into professional sports -- namely with Oregon and their billions of uniform options. That caught fire with other colleges as a recruitment tool -- and now you're seeing Color Rush, so many pant and uniform options in the NFL that it KINDA feels like collegiate sports about a decade prior. I feel like if the NFL didn't have a one helmet rule, we'd start seeing 1-2 other helmet color options.
  10. Just a quick glance, these are teams with logo changes in the past 25 years. I didn’t count tweaks or updates. 1993 Patriots 1996 Eagles 1996 Ravens 1997 Broncos 1997 Bucs 1999 Ravens 1999 Titans 2000 Rams 2013 Dolphins
  11. Well, I know there’s a 5 year limit for regular uniform changes. I’ve just never heard of one for throwbacks? Not saying you’re wrong — I just never thought there was one?
  12. Are they? Is there a rule on throwback alts?
  13. I’ve never had an issue with alternates over gray/white pants. It’s baseball. Everyone outside of the 70s has done it that way. And, quite honestly, colored pants would be hella weird to me.
  14. I’m not sure what we’re doing here? Am I supposed to get out the pitchforks and torches or just nod my head in agreement?
  15. Next year will be 15 seasons with that same look? Why am I finding this shocking?
  16. Whole heartedly agree. I would love to see it incorporated with the black, red and yellow scheme. It could really work and look really good.
  17. Gotcha. I could see that working with them.
  18. If Oakland was guaranteed a franchise like Cleveland was after they left then I'd say ... yes, have them rebrand. But, I don't see the NFL expanding into an old market, let alone one already shared with another NFL team. Relocation? Really the only team I could see on the move would be MAYBE the Jaguars?
  19. That is one reason why I love that the Pacers arena is a Fieldhouse. I hope they keep that in the title when the get their new sponsor next year. But, what other unique names are out there? Grounds, Yards, Down, Pavilion, Gardens, Pitch ... what else?
  20. I completely agree. As much as I hate the Mercedes-Benz Superdome name after nearly 40 years as the Louisiana Superdome ... at least they kept the name Superdome in the title. The Saints got it "right" there.
  21. Interesting. The plot thickens. But, seriously, why isn't Levi's Stadium not a real option right now? I'm the NFL and the Raiders could make it worth it to the Niners.
  22. Wow! This is what I wished the Blazers did when they refreshed their look last year. Great work!