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  1. Lovin' that purple sweater. Maybe the Kings will go to purple, silver, and white someday
  2. I have a feeling that's what happened last year; I remember hearing the rumors of the change only weeks before the announcement. Reebok probably already had the jerseys planned and made before the NHL changed the format, and Reebok didn't want to make any changes. I mean if you look, last year's logos have the same color per conference, this year is per division. What I am really wondering is what the idea was behind the black and gold the Atlantic division, since the Kings never wore those colors together.
  3. Exactly- don't need a repeat of WCH where everyone has the same template and same color-block striping
  4. I have faith that the Devils don't change the logo; they understand how good it is. I hope they simply go to vintage striping with current colors, but going full throwback works too. What I'm most upset about is Washington going retro- major downgrade IMO. I think my biggest question is about the template Adidas will use. We saw the possible practice jersey leak, and that template was IDENTICAL to the one used for the WCH. Like Edmonton for example, will Adidas just crap out and use plain blue squared off shoulder yokes, or will they get custom yokes? Or will we see the same template, but with different yokes? (wouldn't mind seeing new yoke designs brought to the table, like when Dallas redesigned their's). And what about the collars? No more laces? Or does Adidas simply 'upgrade' Reebok's work and use similar templates, yokes, and collars with a square/block hem?
  5. Loving the green jersey. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I hop the NHL follows the lead of the KHL: four jerseys for four divisions.
  6. So what happens with the Avalanche; do they promote the thirds or get a redesign? Hopefully they promote the new fauxback logo
  7. At this point with the news release, I feel like it's the best we can hope for
  8. For some reason I am actually ok with Edmonton making the switch; I remember reading an Sportsnet article about how these are now Connor McDavid's Oilers and not Taylor Hall's Oilers after the offseason trade. Considering the fact that he was drafted in that sweater, these could be part of the brand. We associate the current look with Wayne Gretzky and the success, but he hasn't played in years and won't play again (other than possible future Alumni Games), and these jerseys seem like a beacon to the past of an icon and face of a franchise. But after decades of turmoil, and one of the worst times in franchise history , Edmonton may be looking to create a new brand for a new face of this storied franchise, using these jerseys, a look that future players can look to for inspiration just as we do with the current uniforms. And even though these are throwbacks, they were only worn for two seasons in the WHA, so they would basically be new for this franchise. Hopefully they make a white version with orange shoulders and numbers, because I could also see this being a temporary move to keep the orange sweaters in circulation for a year and the current whites until the thirds come back, and things go back to what they are this year.