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  1. Right that I get, just not right there.
  2. I've always liked the Sockeye. Or the Emeralds.
  3. They keep black drop gray. Love the secondary- hopefully there isn't wordmark on the pinwheel.
  4. It would be expanded and add around 5,000 total seats. Around 17k for hockey and 18k for basketball. Honestly this looks better than the tires Hansen has been kicking. After the street vacation got nixed, it seems dead. Yes he is buying up land, but that won't help and the MOU still needs to be modified for NHL-first. At this point, Key will be the way to go.
  5. This isn't necessarily for next season, but here are renderings for a renovated Key Arena, one from each group vying to be the ones to make the changes. This would most likely give Seattle (according to their estimates) a team by 2020. .
  6. So no alternate or secondary marks?
  7. He also talked about the history of their brand, and with the continued use of the 'Rip City' branding as it's own logo the past few years I could totally see Portland using the vintage font as well and taking a somewhat throwback approach to this. Hopefully they eliminate gray. Again to reiterate it's sounds like modernizing the pinwheel and keeping the same concept with tweaks to the unis.
  8. Almost suprised he found the right topic to post in.
  9. My one fear is they use the tree pattern like the Seahawks do as some sort of weird stripe accent to go along with neon green.
  10. More trees are nice. At first I want more green but neon green can be kinda harsh, so this is a decent balance (just needs to be actually present on the unis). Hopefully the star signifies a north star/northern lights element. All in all good looking primary, excited for the rest of the set.
  11. Too much like the Seahawks in terms of using so much gray and having one tiny part of the logo with neon green.
  12. Time for Portland to release some teasers!
  13. The Sens is technically based off their own city's history, and not copying another O6 team. Same goes for the Avs, where their logo is based off of city hockey history and the jersey really isn't like any O6 team.
  14. Again, that's an opinion, not a fact. There's nothing wrong with an opinion; we all have them, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Just simply not be used in an argument to prove a point.
  15. I love the fact that people are using their opinions in their arguments in replacements of actual facts. Didn't anyone pay attention in high school English persuasive writing?
  16. Just gonna put this out there. The Avs are still ONLY 21 years old. So really, in comparison to teams who have tweaked looks and changed looks over time, it pales to those O6 teams, like the Blackhawks or Bruins or the Leafs.
  17. No one is going to change their minds; what's the point in arguing about this for pages and pages.
  18. I agree, they are different than the Habs, but they're also not good. Again, new logos (leaping panther) and colors on the original design.
  19. I mean if you're upset about about the Panthers 'copying' the Habs, then you must be furious over Dallas and Chicago. To me the Habs and Panthers are different enough- besides the color differences, different logo shape/style, numbers on shoulders, and patches on the arms. Also the stripe doesn't go all the way around.
  20. Probably his team's performance.
  21. Design of third jersey but in current colors.
  22. Take out black and use curernt colors and you've got a big winner.