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  1. I agree with @Whittier S The concept looks good but the logo is too simplified and the jet is to blocky. Also the almost oval shape, especially where there’s sharp angles, looks a bit awkward. I love the Double green however and I really like what you’ve done to the uniforms!
  2. Maybe my favorite one yet! Huge fan of everythin goin on here! Also really enjoy seeing each teams eras, the dynasties of the Super Series. I wonder if you could throw together a page with all the logos next to each other, or maybe some uniform matchups or something.
  3. Why do they continue to use maddens ugly player models and not ya know the jerseys they actually have? They have players who can take a few pictures after a practice or something to show off the outfit right? Or Atleast take a picture of the uniform itself, not this ugly animation
  4. So did the Canes Yes they did, I don’t think it’s that far fetched, it’s not a random team, the team moved and the history didn’t so they can say they used to be in Montreal, but the Nats dont claim any of the Expos history (to my knowledge I could be wrong) so the expos can’t claim the Nats future history
  5. When the thunder advance to the finals it’s not the Sonics win, same when the Avalanche did it, same if the Coyotes do it, same when the Canes do it, when the Jets do it, all the reallocated teams who don’t recognize their past, shouldn’t be recognized as the old team winning it, it’s a new team, get over it
  6. Congrats to Washington (and no this isn’t the expos win stop saying it is, the expos died in 2005, sorry for those who can’t move on)
  7. I think for Las Vegas, centering the sign in the middle of the atom would look better, it’s an awkward shape with where it is now. For San Diego maybe adding an actual bell into the blank space could work, and if you make it yellow and make the Santos wordmark white I think it would balance out those colors really well. I love the look of it so far Milwaukee looks great I don’t really have much else to say! I’m excited for the rest of them.
  8. I think it would’ve been better if this matchup was in Detroit. Really clean matchup, just not at Lambeau
  9. Just a random thought but what would a gold and white saints look like, darken up the gold a bit and I think it could contrast well enough, maybe the numbers might now work the best. I would really embrace the holy side of saints
  10. Teddy Bridgewater is undefeated as a starter this year and Foles is injured, I don’t see either getting traded, who could I see as someone they could try (even though i think it’s very unlikely) is Andy Dalton, 0-6 bengals, Daltons played okay, and with some better receivers like OBJ and Landry he could do some real damage, the bengals kind of need a restart at QB too
  11. The gold pants are in their rotation anymore though, thankfully, it was the only part that didn’t work
  12. The Ravens are one of the few teams that don’t need to change their identity ever. It looks beautiful.
  13. Only if they could drop the weird shoulder stripes, unnecessary leg work marks and grey. W O W looks 100 times better than I would’ve thought though