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  1. The rare times Nike’s (stupid and unnecessary) icon and association idea works out
  2. I’m just a little late but it’s okay, should’ve been more explanatory, but with orange pants the road looks devoid of brown and not what the browns should look like. And I quite like the idea that the browns don’t necessarily have matching elements. Orange helmet white jersey brown pants looks great
  3. The browns best look was the one before the current one. They went from the best they ever looked to the worst like that and it’s such a shame. These however, aren’t bad I’m against the orange pants though, especially on the road. That road look needs so much more brown for a team named the Browns
  4. Well as it stands, white should worn at home, that’s why it says thunder, and the blue says Oklahoma City because it’s supposed to be worn on the road. Swapping them is dumb and backwards
  5. Was expecting something closer to the St.Louis days, but I’m glad you didn’t. What you made reminds me of Michigan, in a very good way, it looks great!
  6. I like it! The only problem is that the Phillies own the bell so that alternate logo may not work. The cursive script looks great! Along with the other uniforms
  7. I don’t work in paint, I work on gimp, I’ll upgrade the template in a decade or two, the current template was based off accurate photos of baseball players and uniforms in the 1800s
  8. Try some brown pants and stripes on socks
  9. I love that new blue alt! Especially the white script one. The grey is an upgrade imo.
  10. Sorry but the last thing the browns need is all orange set.
  11. Softball players are practically wearing outfits closer to football than baseball, which makes it more acceptable ig, personally I agree. I against colored pants in baseball, the only exceptions are maybe black or navy, but they look good in softball! In fact I wore an all blue uniform when I played, one year we wore all black too, in the summer, that was a mistake.
  12. I agree with @coco1997 about everything except the sand uniforms, grey suits the astros better, the cream sand reminds me too much of the Padres. Maybe adjusting it a tad could also work. You could also try fading to white on the navy pants instead of fading to navy, that way there’s a full stripe.
  13. It looks fantastic! The only change I would make is substituting the black on the tire tread marks for something like a dark green on the army sets. The black stands out a bit too much, a darker gold or darker green might blend better, I would also change the name (which is black) to the same color. Maybe removing the gold stripe between number could help aswell. And for navy, I really love all of it and have nothing to say besides great job!
  14. @NoE38 I would, instead of the current away, recolor the current home for the Quails, so instead of looking too similar to the home currently, it’s a black shirt and brown shorts