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  1. Also an NBDL team back in the day...
  2. The Braves have traditionally owned most of their affiliates (the High-A club, whether it's been in Durham, Myrtle Beach, Lynchburg or Kissimmee, has always been an exception), so naturally they'd just keep the brand the same, since there's no chance of the team ever switching affiliates.
  3. Oh, I know...it's just the Cubs are the only ones I've ever noticed doing this (seemingly imposing it, perhaps, and often rather obtrusively) for all of their affiliates, without fail, for years. Elsewhere, it seems like it may be up to the minor-league team. The Binghamton Rumble Ponies and Columbia Fireflies, for example, don't seem to have any Mets identification on their jerseys.
  4. Interesting, it looks like most of the Cubs' affiliates have some sort of CHC patch on their jerseys, even going back a number of years, and even if it in no way fits with a team's color scheme...probably an organization-wide thing.
  5. Winnipeg Goldeyes: Vancouver Canadians: Manitoba Moose: And not to get into the whole Quebec nationhood debate, but...:
  6. Revenues aren't very high, either, though. Many minor-league teams lose money.
  7. Yes. Even for teams who sell a lot of merchandise, it's a relatively minor revenue stream...tickets, sponsorships and concessions are much larger pieces of the pie. And teams are definitely not "constantly moving and/or rebranding." There are 160 affiliated minor league teams...of them, there are 2 new markets this year (Amarillo and Fayetteville), and maybe 7-10 rebrands. This is pretty typical. Great Falls has only been the Voyagers since 2008. Most teams have kept their names much longer than that.
  8. Continuing the tour of North Carolina... The Tar Heels cleaned up the Strutting Ram: and made the NC less "chubby."
  9. Shawinigan throwbacks. Doesn't look like they went with the fantastic socks from the original, though.
  10. You'd occasionally see the team name in all lower case tacked on above and below. A couple of other random ones:
  11. Their independent team thought of that 20 years ago. Logo could use some work, but classy-looking uniforms.
  12. Teal and purple: check Roided-up cartoon animal: check Angled striping: check Dumb, made-up team name: check Yeah, it's a 90s jersey. A couple of others:
  13. Their jerseys with the "saw blade" design were fantastic.
  14. I don't think there was a direct connection, but some of the same thought process as far as marketing directly to kids was there...the 90s were when the "sports as family entertainment" mindset really took hold (as opposed to something geared principally towards adults who were fans of the sport) - and what's a kid more likely to want on his t-shirt, this: or this?: