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  1. I'm sure this is blasphemous in some circles, but..I was never a fan of these. The waist striping is too prominent and runs up too high, making the logo look scrunched; the contrast-color shoulder yoke with thick white outline is garish; and the pants striping doesn't match anything else.
  2. Virginia football always looks sharp...helmet logo is strong, never any obnoxious swooshes or goofy fonts, even the all-blue works. Michigan basketball is also usually pretty good at avoiding the trap that college teams fall into of constantly futzing with their jerseys, and consistently has an excellent look.
  3. A cleaned-up brand evolution done right: Kansas City T-Bones, American Association. . Previous look:
  4. "Traverse City Pit Spitters" ain't swimming in the deep end of the "dignified identities" pool, either...
  5. Also trying to re-work the Expos' logo, the Memphis Blues (notice the hole in the "e" is colored in), the Burlington Expos and Wichita Aeros...
  6. They're perfectly fine-looking, but I'm not sure what the Mets were trying to do here...it's like someone said "you know what? We should really try to look more like the Expos," and this is what they went with. Also, these would be reasonably sharp jerseys for the Wizards or 76ers, but if you're the Hawks, you haven't had a dot of blue in your jerseys since 1972...why switch horses and go with these all of a sudden?
  7. If you were starting a team in the '90s called the "Buffaloes," this would be a really sharp jersey. But if you've already existed for 25 years with a totally different color scheme that's unique in your league (St. Louis used red at the time) and your nickname already lends itself well to a logo, it was just a strange move for the Sabres to blow up the whole thing and introduce this. If you're the Blue Jays or the Royals, these would have been baller...but the Braves never looked right in these.
  8. Have there been any reports of the Huskies being in trouble, or are you just looking at the fact that it's an older arena and an out-of-the-way town and deciding to speculate that they're not long for the world? - Rouyn-Noranda's attendance was better than four other QMJHL teams last season (Gatineau, Bathurst, Baie-Comeau, Val-d'Or.) - If we eliminated the towns and arenas in the Q that look like something out of Slap Shot, you'd have about six teams left. - Teams in the Montreal area have a pretty poor track record in the Q (Laval, Longueuil, Verdun, Mtl Rocket, Saint-Jean). Blainville is barely hanging on. Trois-Rivieres is renovating its arena; if anyone were to move, it would probably be there.
  9. Speaking of unused logos with a husky in them, the QMJHL's Rouyn-Noranda Huskies were originally the Rouyn-Noranda Blizzards for a couple of months but changed the name shortly before the team's first season (a college elsewhere in the province was using the name and raised a fuss). https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/744493/huskies-blizzards-hockey-lhjmq-20e-rouyn-noranda
  10. The blue in the roundel of the Nationals' sleeve patch logo isn't the same shade as the navy blue jerseys and it's been driving me up the wall all playoffs.
  11. From https://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/naked-gun-baseball-game-scene-national-anthem-angels-mariners-dodgers-stadium-enrico-pallazzo/zztjoa4obui818oo9waqjyf34 This game features the Mariners and Angels, two real-life baseball teams. But that was never the plan. The Zuckers and Abrahams, three Wisconsinites, hoped for some hometown flair. "We wanted the Brewers," David Zucker said. "We applied to MLB and they said you have to take the Mariners. … I think they were trying to help that franchise. That was a weak franchise (at the time) and must've been weaker than the Brewers."
  12. Bull Durham: they're all wearing annoyingly cheap-looking adjustable caps. (The real Bulls wore regular wool fitteds at the time). Spy Game: Brad Pitt wears a post-'92 Padres cap...the movie is set before that time.
  13. A few interesting minor/junior hockey ones...