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  1. The blue in the roundel of the Nationals' sleeve patch logo isn't the same shade as the navy blue jerseys and it's been driving me up the wall all playoffs.
  2. From https://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/naked-gun-baseball-game-scene-national-anthem-angels-mariners-dodgers-stadium-enrico-pallazzo/zztjoa4obui818oo9waqjyf34 This game features the Mariners and Angels, two real-life baseball teams. But that was never the plan. The Zuckers and Abrahams, three Wisconsinites, hoped for some hometown flair. "We wanted the Brewers," David Zucker said. "We applied to MLB and they said you have to take the Mariners. … I think they were trying to help that franchise. That was a weak franchise (at the time) and must've been weaker than the Brewers."
  3. Bull Durham: they're all wearing annoyingly cheap-looking adjustable caps. (The real Bulls wore regular wool fitteds at the time). Spy Game: Brad Pitt wears a post-'92 Padres cap...the movie is set before that time.
  4. A few interesting minor/junior hockey ones...
  5. For a team that had blue road uniforms, it was about the Colorado Rockies' third-most (fourth-most if you count white) important color on their home unis. (They sort of wavered between blue pants and red pants through the seasons, but this was especially noticeable in the red-pants years.)
  6. These guys make a lot of the minor-league one-offs: https://www.otsports.com/special-event-baseball-jerseys The quality is okay - not the same as a regular-season jersey, but definitely a step up from t-shirts (it's a "Breathable, durable Euromesh or Pro Euromesh fabric," FWIW).
  7. The Reds' front chest logo and front uni number almost but don't quite line up: They used to, BTW...
  8. NCAA basketball jerseys cluttered with too many doo-dads above the team name. Also...the fact that the old Marlins' uni number font matched nothing else in their branding always irritated me.
  9. Also an NBDL team back in the day...
  10. The Braves have traditionally owned most of their affiliates (the High-A club, whether it's been in Durham, Myrtle Beach, Lynchburg or Kissimmee, has always been an exception), so naturally they'd just keep the brand the same, since there's no chance of the team ever switching affiliates.
  11. Oh, I know...it's just the Cubs are the only ones I've ever noticed doing this (seemingly imposing it, perhaps, and often rather obtrusively) for all of their affiliates, without fail, for years. Elsewhere, it seems like it may be up to the minor-league team. The Binghamton Rumble Ponies and Columbia Fireflies, for example, don't seem to have any Mets identification on their jerseys.
  12. Interesting, it looks like most of the Cubs' affiliates have some sort of CHC patch on their jerseys, even going back a number of years, and even if it in no way fits with a team's color scheme...probably an organization-wide thing.
  13. Winnipeg Goldeyes: Vancouver Canadians: Manitoba Moose: And not to get into the whole Quebec nationhood debate, but...:
  14. Revenues aren't very high, either, though. Many minor-league teams lose money.