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  1. Minor league baseball is not immune to the "annoyingly tiny uniform front design," either. I don't know if it's something specific to these chintzy-looking Russell jerseys or not. "Hot Rods" is not even that long of a name that space should be an issue. In contrast, here are the River Bandits and Avalanche back in the day, taking plenty of real estate even with longish team names:
  2. Hi, gang...I actually designed the original logo, and I'm right there with you that the new one is a massive upgrade. The backstory: the league came together fairly quickly and they needed something to put on the banner for the introductory press conference in late 2005. I was doing some media relations for the league office at the time and was asked to work up a logo on short notice (I have some "I know how to use PhotoShop" abilities but I'm far from a professional designer). I was definitely not expecting that the original design was something that would be used for the long haul, but...just...nobody ever changed it. I'm flattered that the team owners found the original design (and its "interlocking letters" cousin, below) acceptable enough to keep around for 15 seasons, but whew, a refresh was definitely long past due, and I think the designers nailed the new one.
  3. The Padres ditched these after their '84 N.L. championship:
  4. I think you're right for current teams. It's happened a few times in the past (the Salem Redbirds don't technically "share a nickname," but they weren't a Cardinals affiliate.)
  5. In the late 80s and early 90s, Atlanta had two rookie affiliates, Idaho Falls (Pioneer Lg.) and Pulaski (Appy Lg.) Clubs would typically just use hand-me-downs that the big-league club gave them, but here, neither wore exact copies of the Braves' unis. Idaho Falls had pleasant-looking tomahawk-less tops, while Pulaski got these homebrew-looking things. Weird.
  6. Boston apparently had stacks and stacks of these jazzy duds sitting around for their affiliates to use in the early 90s: Occasionally they'd get really wild and crazy and let them use that font to put the city name on:
  7. For being a rather crummy, undesirable big-league partner in their early days, a surprising number of their affiliates riffed off of the Mariners' template (or just slapped their city name on some hand-me-downs):
  8. The Quebec Remparts used to use the "crenelated" (thank you for the new word!) city flag pattern as striping...it looked sharp.
  9. What would you describe as "more characteristically Quebec City elements"?
  10. I'm sure this is blasphemous in some circles, but..I was never a fan of these. The waist striping is too prominent and runs up too high, making the logo look scrunched; the contrast-color shoulder yoke with thick white outline is garish; and the pants striping doesn't match anything else.
  11. Virginia football always looks sharp...helmet logo is strong, never any obnoxious swooshes or goofy fonts, even the all-blue works. Michigan basketball is also usually pretty good at avoiding the trap that college teams fall into of constantly futzing with their jerseys, and consistently has an excellent look.
  12. A cleaned-up brand evolution done right: Kansas City T-Bones, American Association. . Previous look: