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  1. https://news.sportslogos.net/2021/06/05/green-bay-packers-to-wear-new-throwback-uniforms-in-2021/football/ Confirmed that the new Packers throwback will have green in some way, shape, or form. What could it be? https://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=teams-season&team_id=GB&year=1935 https://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=teams-season&team_id=GB&year=1937 https://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=teams-season&team_id=GB&year=1950
  2. Guys, guys, guys. The Cardinals are DEFINITELY switching to periwinkle next season. Trust me./s
  3. I saw the thread was hot, and thought “Huh, did a throwback leak or something?” And of course, we’re still arguing about the 2007 Pats.
  4. And another reason the Newsbot should be discontinued...
  5. If the Bengals HAVE to keep the B logo, I would prefer if the B and the Bengal head switch places, with the B being an alternate and the Bengal head returns to being the primary. From what I've seen, the Bengals never said it would be the Primary logo, did they?
  6. On the Steelers thing, I'm pretty sure the patch being aded in 1997 was a Nike thing. Since at the time, Nike was trying to get the NFL teams they had "manufacturing deals" with to make uniform changes. The Broncos were the only team to go for a full makeover, leading to the current side-paneled robo bronco we have today. Other teams didn't give in, but made minor tweaks to their already existing uniforms. The Packers were convinced to shorten their sleeve stripes from five to three, Cowboys added the star to the sleeve stripes on the Navy jersey, Jaguars added drop shadow numbers (removed after preseason,) side panels (removed after 1997,) and a custom number font, and as we all know, the Steelers were pressured into using the italic helmet numbers on the Jerseys and the logo patch. The Bears, Raiders, and Panthers didn't budge.
  7. Hey Saints, this is it. Burn the white socks, match the golds and logo, and this is all you need to wear until the rest of time. Perfect. (Gold and white pants are both good, but never add black pants. As we've seen the past 3 seasons, they are too tempting for New Orleans.)
  8. It's Week 17 of the 2020-21 season, so it's about time to start up this thread. All that we know is coming in 2021 is the new Packers throwback (was gonna release 2020 but got delayed) and the new Rams alternate (unknown if a recolor or throwback as of now.) The Nike Vapor Fusion template, which was tested out in 2020, is set to debut full-time for the NFL in either 2021 or 2022. Anything else that I missed?
  9. Since Dr. Pepper is invading the Burger King thread, reminder there is a Soda thread. Back on topic, thank god. It's about time Burger King ditched the glossy burger with the blue swoosh. Dairy Queen, you're next. I don't mean the exact old logo (hate the unevenness,) but get rid of the swooshes and hit cmd+I. I like the font and the shape of the current one more than the older one though.
  10. We did see that last year, with the Throwback White Wishbone "C" logo though.
  11. Beautiful Vikings, just beautiful. Been waiting five years for this. (someone tell the Bears and REDACTEDs they can too. They look good like this...)
  12. With how the 49ers have been using the 1972-2004 Wordmark in the end zone again, and around Levi’s Stadium, I’m expecting them to drop the 2005 Wordmark completely in 2022 (when they are eligible to change again. Remember they removed the truncated third stripe in 2017) and go with either a Wordmarkless jersey or add the ‘72 Wordmark in the same spot. If that does happen, they better re-add the third stripe since the 1994 Throwbacks prove they can have three stripes fit just fine on modern cuts.
  13. I know this has been stated many times in the past, but remember this. The Patriots were going to do, along with Silver Pants, have no Sleeve logo and were going to put the TV Numbers there. Again, they were very close with this redesign, but ultimately didn't pass. https://uni-watch.com/2020/04/30/exclusive-pats-considered-silver-grey-pants-in-new-uni-set/ Would also love to have seen a Red Socks option for when wearing Navy pants, but the NFL forgot how bad mono sucks, unfortunately.
  14. At least it's harder to tell with both of them being White. If they were wearing any of their Blue Jerseys, or had the Gold Pants, then yes, I would be screaming as well.
  15. The worst part is that the Patriots were so close to getting this right. Remember, UniWatch got an early style guide dock which had Silver Pants and TV Numbers for the Pats, which dramatically improved the look of the set. I really like the way this looks. I would prefer Silver Pants on the road as well, but Blue Pants are fine if they are Road-Only. And if I were them, there would be an inverted Socks option that’s Red with a bottom Navy strip. https://uni-watch.com/2020/04/30/exclusive-pats-considered-silver-grey-pants-in-new-uni-set/
  16. EDIT: Whoa, I haven't posted here since July 25th. Huh. On with the show! On the Bengals, I've been thinking and saying this for a while. They are SO CLOSE, yet so far from a good, maybe even great uniform. It just takes a few tweaks to de-Reebok it. (Beware. Long and very image-heavy post.) The Bengals Uniform has two a redeeming qualities imo. The fact that the stripes were changed to sleeve caps, for a better look on modern fits, and having the option for Black or Orange socks. That't it. The rest is garbage. But... it can be changed into something good. First, let's go through their Uniforms, as-is today. White Jersey. It's not great, but it's not good. You have many questions right away. Why is there an Orange shoulder yolk? Why use barely legible drop-shadows? Why curve the stripes at the bottom? Very flawed. Flaws that hold it back from being "good." Black Jersey. Things get worse. For some reason, the Bengals and Reebok decided to add Side-Panels to the Colored jerseys for some reason. It's bad very bad. And the drop-shadow looks worse somehow. Orange Jersey. No. Just No. Orange is way too bring for Cincinnati, and looks like a highlighter. Add on all the other flaws listed earlier. (Be glad I made sure to have contrasting socks for all of these. Same color socks-pants, plain white socks, and monochrome makes it look 100x worse) All-in-all, a bad, dated, Uniform set in desperate need of change. Same with the Cardinals (we can get to them a different time.) BUT... there is a way to fix it. And it was born in 2016... COLOR RUSH. This is what made me and others realize that the Bengals uniforms weren't as bad as we thought, and were close to being redeemed. And it's painfully obvious when you strip away the Reebok-ness of the last one. All the Bengals have to do is strip their uniform down to the basics, like the Color Rush, but different. The Color Rush shows that by having no Side Panels and using Block Font, it can be made good. By using the Color Rush for reference here are some changes to make. First, is remove the curve on the pants that comes to the front of the legs. Next is to switch out the custom Reebok font for Block Font like the CR, preferably with an outline like the nameplate to make it pop. Then, burn the White Socks forever. For Jersey specific, remove the Shoulder Yolk from the White, and the Side panels from the Black and Orange. (Also, and this goes for everyone in the NFL. Socks and Pants should NEVER be the same color, unless it's white striped socks with white pants. I don't like it, but it has a historical precedence. Jerseys and Pants should never match but White-on-White)
  17. Nope, not at all. It’s just the 80’s throwbacks that they used to wear. Some teams still sell the Throwbacks, despite the one-helmet rule not allowing them to be worn on the field. And the “Game” part means nothing. It’s just Nikespeak for Replica. For Nike’s NFL Jerseys, here are the names corresponding to their Reebok counterparts Game=Replica Limited=Premier Elite=Authentic Even so, the Nike games are much higher quality than the Reebok Replicas. The NFL Pro Line jerseys are the exact same materials as the Reebok Replicas.
  18. Hey Nationals, just fix the overlap, and you're Golden! (Pun entirely intended) The mothership has this as being current since 2011, yet I've only seen it on the mothership. https://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/adz8otx6xektaq3eszfoq5ecj/Washington_Nationals/2011/Alternate_Logo
  19. The Twins have been using a Wordmark all over their Social Media pages and TV Commercials for about a year now, which appears to be an updated version of the 1961-1986 Wordmark. Reminds me a lot of @SFGiants58's concept. (In fact, the Twins actually used one of his Twins scripts last year!)
  20. New Jersey sponsor for the Timberwolves next season. FitBit is out.
  21. Can we get a title fix mods? Whoever merged it made the whole Buccs Uniform Thread the Tom Brady Uni Swap thread.
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