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  1. We’ll have 50% of the uniforms here soon, another 400 pages then the Rams will reveal theirs
  2. Yeah if the Texans do anything it's re-designate their navy home tops to an alt and the red jerseys become their new home pair with white pants.
  3. I hope they at least come up with a pair of silver pants to wear with the blue jersey. At least come up with a little contrast.
  4. You know this is pretty valid. I get why they were around and for the most part it’s an easier way to identify a player but with Alabama and other teams not using them and not seeming to have a problem, I think as long the numbers on the front are legible tv numbers shouldn’t be needed
  5. I wouldn’t mind seeing a team like USF wear these, although I feel like they’ve worn a very similar helmet to this recently.
  6. I’m now fully expecting the Pats to just drop the changes on Twitter like the Colts did. It’s getting too close to the date of the draft to announce anything.
  7. Browns are tomorrow or Wednesday(?) Chargers were the 21st Pats and Colts were TBD, but I’d imagine the Colts would “unveil” their changes after the draft since it’s not huge changes. The Patriots on the other hand are a mystery since they could have smaller changes or bigger changes.
  8. It’ll depend on how/if the season plays out. Mothers Day is a month away and if the MLB doesn’t play I wouldn’t imagine they’d put out the specialty items (Mothers/Fathers Day, 4th of July, Military Theme, etc) if the season isn’t being played through those holidays of at all.
  9. I didn't mind this look from their soon-to-be gone sset. I couldn't find the game they wore them in, but I think it's a nice look so long as the go O/B/O
  10. So with the Falcons and Bucs being unveiled here is what I think we could expect from the others: Browns: More or less a reverting back to the set prior with some minor changes (keeping the more vibrant orange, removal of carbon fiber stripe, full stripes on brown/white/orange pants) Chargers: Keep the change from last year with powder blue home, removal of navy from the set, white jerseys have powder numbers outlined in yellow, powder blue pants to wear with white jerseys, “blocks” on jerseys removed so the stripe is the bolt. Rams: Basically move to their royal and yellow set but it stays in line with new branding and is underwhelming. Colts: Move to new template, helmet logo widens out. Pats: CR becomes primary but with grey pants with r/b/r stripe. White changes to inverse of CR with r/b/r stripes on shoulders, wear with the blue CR pants
  11. The team picture on bottom of website does show red pants with white jersey which looks nice, as well as the new black jersey with white pants. I think if they keep it Black/White, White/black or red it’ll look ok, otherwise this ain’t it.
  12. Small thing. The face mask definitely doesn’t look chrome, almost looks like a pale silver instead of true chrome but yikes these look worse than what the leaks had for told. The gradient on the red is a lot higher than what I thought it would be and the ATL on all 3 uniforms is a huge mistake. The throwback unis are the best of the bunch in this case.
  13. I’m surprised no one has photoshopped the red out of the Pewter unis and put orange in its place, since so many people were onboard with an orange/pewter scheme
  14. If these are legit. Things I like: - Number font is fine, different enough to stand out but a good “evolution” of what they had - Pants stripe isn’t completely wack Things I don’t like and have questions about: -If the red jersey has a gradient to it how does that look with white pants? Or do the red jerseys stay with the black pants at all times? -Will black jerseys be the primary then? Or are they sticking with red as the primary? -Is red their CR? Or is all black the CR look? -Why the side striping/panels. It looks redundant. -The back numbers look huge. But maybe that’s just me? -Is the red set gonna change in 5 years because of the gradient/will it be worn because of the gradient? How does the gradient affect matchup questions for distinguishing teams?
  15. Honestly the pewter CR are great. After seeing them I love these.
  16. Rumor is 4/14. But there isn’t a confirmation on that yet.
  17. I came on here because this thread had “hot” replies, and I was expecting so see leaks. I saw no leaks
  18. It'd be nice, but I don't think teams are thinking about that at the moment.
  19. I think Seattle should go back and embrace more of the cyan look for secondaries. It’s highly underused and they’ve used it enough where it would be a great look
  20. At this point any team with a new uniform should unveil it within the next two weeks. We got a lot of time on our hands
  21. That is a low blow my dude
  22. Forward Madison unveils their new away kit. Really sharp looking. Names of supporters are on the "stripes".
  23. 2K League is suspended too just get a few owners to play UNO and call it good.
  24. I have a theory that the Bucs and Jags will end up pulling a Dolphins and making a small change to their uniforms after the five year window. In this case Jags add gold and Bucs add orange. They want to wait and see what changes they can make. Even if minor.
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