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  1. So does this mean that teams that made the playoff last year (i.e. Warriors, Celtics, Bucks, etc.) are going to get shooting shirts/jackets/gear that are modeled after a uniform.? As opposed to an actual recolored uniform?
  2. I don’t mind that. Remove the side piping and you got a good look in place.
  3. This is the best case scenario. There is nothing wrong with their jerseys now, at most they can do a City or a different alternate that has the Fiesta vibe. It keeps both sides happy.
  4. See I was thinking the Nashville Blues would be fine, my other thought was something like the Nashville Bluegrass or something similar to the regional music scene, but I don't see an easy solution to that.
  5. I think that 99% of this website wants this to happen.
  6. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/07/new-york-red-bulls-19-20-away-kit.html By the sounds of this, NYRB are replacing their Red jersey with a black/red jersey. Could this be a homage to the Metrostars?
  7. I've always been a less is more kind of guy. So I don't mind these, if they had a white version and a light blue version with different wordmarks (DALLAS preferably) this would be a great simplistic set.
  8. Adidas teams in the 2018 World Cup had the "Soviet" inspired numbers and names and they were........uh something.
  9. Same here, they've done a really good job with the CPL and with Union and several Championship teams. I don't get the gradient shirt thing. It's so unpleasing, because then it looks like you're wearing a shirt that's been dyed if you aren't wearing the right shorts with it.
  10. This is kind of strange, you would wonder why they can't take pictures? Is it a new template? I feel like there's some kind of market speak that is going to come up.....
  11. Cleveland has always been fairly traditional uniform wise (save for the current set). The reason Tampa Bay changed was they needed something to stick out and be trendy in the 90's/2000's. You may as well be saying that the BIlls go back to red hlemets because they went to 4 Super Bowls and had the most success they had, or that Green Bay go back to Navy/Gold since they won NFL Titles in those colors. Cleveland may not have won an NFL championship, but the orange helmet is very much a symbol of the team and if it changed it would cause a riot among Cleveland faithful. Also FIFY.
  12. I think there are some that right now are outstanding (DC United, Columbus Home & Vancouver are by far the best in the league at the moment) but there has been a move towards plain looking uniforms or uniforms that aren't remarkable. Hopefully that changes.
  13. I hope it just means for 2020 that teams avoid going with black/white change kits so there isn't an issue when playing against Miami. So far I can think of the following who have white or black kits that should be changing: Vancouver: Currently Black/Dark Grey Change (change in 2020) Atlanta: Currently White/peach (Change in 2020) San Jose: Currently White (Change in 2020) Portland: Currently White (Change in 2020) Orlando: Currently white (Change in 2020) Houston: currently black/orange (change in 2020) Columbus: currently black (change in 2020) I'm sure I'm missing a few, and save for Columbus and Houston who have always had black change kits, hopefully the ones above find a different color to change to that ISN'T white or black.
  14. I miss the gold ol' days. (Not a Chivas fan, I just miss this uniform.)
  15. I'd like to a see a navy themed name since there are some Navy bases in the area. Otherwise San Diego Surf would be good. Or like San Diego Sandstars or something beach related, I dunno. For colors I was thinking about something along these lines:
  16. Looks like Miami is going white (with pale pink) & black kits for next year if this report is correct. I'm a little bummed out and was hoping for a pink home. I guess there's always 2021. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/06/inter-miami-2020-inaugural-mls-home-away-kits.html
  17. These are much better than the orange ones they had last year. Also, why do most of OKCs alternate jerseys look better than their standard set?
  18. This is a lateral move to me. They aren't great improvements but they aren't terrible additions. It's very middle of the road (save for the black on the red jersey) and a fairly conservative move.
  19. Part of me assumes they'll have gold helmets, even if they aren't shown in the images. Also considering they've worn multiple different helmets last year they should have white and gold as options.
  20. @Conrad. has a pretty good Raptors concept. I think I prefer the red on purple more than the black on purple.
  21. I need this to be a reality ASAP. The helmet alone is worthy of a throwback design.
  22. Puma: Hey can I copy your homework? Nike: OK. Just change it so it doesn't look the same Puma really just flipped the colors around
  23. Just out of curiosity, why go with the away/white version? Is it because they've already thrown back to the orange tops prior? Otherwise, I'm sure plenty of people are clamoring for this back.