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  1. I don't think the Angels uniform needs any tweaking, but I would not be upset about this.
  2. Interesting. I think just the opposite. I'd pair the new numbers with the 90s droptail scripts. Then again, I've admitted several times before that the numbers are far and away my favorite thing about the new set.
  3. Not sure I'm feeling the head spoons. Much as I can appreciate you went there because it ties them to the AA Brewers, I feel like the serifs on the modern wordmark makes it look too messy. Plus, the modern incarnation has never used them. Love the idea of tying the People's Flag into the powder blue. I'll be very upset if the Brewers introduce a powder blue uniform without doing exactly that. But without powder blue pants, this feels half-hearted. As you alluded to, the Brewers have one of the strongest claims to powder blue. The fact that it's so prominently featured on the flag you now see more than the city flag is only more of a reason for them to embrace it. If you changed those things though, I'd say this is the best possible outcome for the new set.
  4. I'm actually thinking of buying this one. With no NOB it looks like a natural evolution of their 80s uniforms. They really have to re-work the creams. The pinstripes and road greys have emerged as my favorites in this set.
  5. No doubt. The Cardinals (and Cubs) should never have worn powder blue in the first place. At least the Cubs never tried to bring it back, even though they could make a quick buck tying it in with the colors of the Chicago flag.
  6. I like powder blue when done right, but I don't like that teams are starting to wear it at home.
  7. Keep the primary blue uniform, as an alternate that recognizes the Lambeau years. But just make a green version of that and the road uniform as your primary uniforms for the Packers. I love what you've done here, but Packers-Bears never looks right when the Packers wear navy. On that note, frankly, you could do away with the G for this. Normally I would think of that as blasphemous, but the way you excecuted those number circles on the helmet just "works" and feels quintessentially Packers. Doing it in green, but making the number circles the focus would be an awesome way to blend the Lambeau and Lombardi years.
  8. I'm halfway expecting there to be a powder blue version next year.
  9. I definitely recall seeing Forrest Gregg listed as a DT, but he was third on the depth chart. I doubt he ever actually played DT for the Packers though, and probably only would have in an emergency situation.
  10. Guessing the defense played offensive positions when they had the ball and vice versa. I remember seeing depth charts from that era. With roster size being much smaller, there was a lot of instances of, say, Forrest Gregg being listed as a DT as well as an OT.
  11. Brewers are in their road greys against Pittsburgh. The overcast skies are causing the difference between the Brewers navy and Pirates black to become muted. Thus this resembles and intrasquad game. But frankly, it makes me appreciate the Brewers greys that much more, as the Pirates have always been one of the better looking teams in baseball to me. I know I've complained before that "Milwaukee" looks better in a script than block letters, but I must say that is one fine looking baseball uniform.
  12. The Rams and Niners, but especially the Rams HATED going to Green Bay. I did the math once and IIRC, 70% of Niners road games against the Packers were in Milwaukee. For the Rams, it was 85% and even included the 1967 playoff tilt between the two.
  13. I mean, things tend to get hazy near borders. Although I think you might be overestimating Chicago's influence on the Wisconsin side. It's not like there's any shortage of bars in Chicagoland that cater to Packers/Brewers fans. It was simply a matter of time before "Chiwaukee" became a thing (no thanks to the morons in Racine County who scrubbed the KRM METRA line). Apart from Cubs fans, MU kids, and the Karens (who you know actually live in Lake County); Milwaukeeans generally like Chicago. In fact, I can't say I've ever known someone from Milwaukee who didn't enjoy a good day trip to Chi City. It's Green Bay/Northern Wisconsin who has the massive hate boner for all things Chicago. If it seems like the Milwaukee area has more scorn for the Vikings, it's probably because the Minneapolis people who visit Milwaukee tend to be obnoxiously pretentious. I tended bar for years in Milwaukee. If I had $100 for everytime someone from Minneapolis called Milwaukee "dirty" or claimed Minneapolis was SOOOOOOO PROGRESSIVE (like it's not far and away the whitest big city in this part of the country), I'd be living in a condo on Lake Michigan.
  14. I think both of you are correct. I grew up in Milwaukee (Eastside and Brown Deer) and currently live in Green Bay. I attended 3 games at County Stadium and 2 at Lambeau between 1989 and 1994. I recall Green Bay having a significantly older fanbase. Passionate for sure, but not nearly as drunk and boisterous as the games at County Stadium. I definitely heard more language my pre-teen ears probably didn't need to hear downstate. Now the trend has come full circle. While the gold package still has a significant Greater Milwaukee element, its share of the overall fanbase isn't nearly what it was in the 90s. Lambeau Field's seating capacity has been expanded a lot since then, and that has opened gold package tickets to a lot more new fans who aren't necessarily from the Milwaukee area (or anywhere in Wisconsin for that matter). Now the green package games are rowdier because now it has become the significantly more localized fanbase.
  15. The Lions are the division rival I recall seeing the most at County Stadium. Although I do remember the all the talk of gold package (Milwaukee) fans being rowdier than the green package (Green Bay) fans once all the games were moved to Lambeau. I can tell you that, at least locally, Vikings fans are known as the rudest, most obnoxious fan base that comes to Green Bay. Bears fans, by comparison, are seen as quite pleasant and fun to drink with. (Imagine reading that last sentence in 1985). The Milwaukee media market is a 75-mile radius that overlaps with other markets at the extremities. That's common for most major markets. Although once you get past Milwaukee and its suburbs, there isn't much of a population save for the occasional Kenosha or Racine. But honestly, I rather like that the Chicago and Milwaukee spheres of influence have began to overlap. If living "up north" for the past year and some change has taught me anything, it's how much more Milwaukee has in common with Chicago than it has with anywhere else in Wisconsin. The Green Bay-Appleton market is named as such to acknowledge that while the Fox Cities (Appleton) have the biggest population base in the area, Green Bay is the biggest city with all the TV stations. Only one station (WACY 32) is, in fact, licensed to Appleton; and its studios are still in Green Bay.
  16. I would put Milwaukee in the Pre-WWII era since they had the Packers starting in 1933. The 1939 NFL Championship was even played there.
  17. Are they really the only ones besides the Brewers? I thought the Twins had a pinstriped set.
  18. If they went with the pinstripes full time, I'd hope they'd make those cream to distinguish them from all the other navy pinstriped teams. I really want to like the cream uniform better. I still think it'd have promise if they tweaked it. But I have to admit (begrudgingly) that they looked more like the Brewers to me in the pinstripes.
  19. Looks pretty 80s to me. I'm guessing this team was explicitly replacing the Bullets?
  20. It'd be a shame to see a great name like Snappers go. Just an update to the team's logo package is all they need. Also, how odd is it that Beloit still has a team?
  21. Also, this... They didn't join the AL in 1901, they'd been there since 1890 when the league started as the Western League; including 1900 when it was rechristened to the American League. Anyway, the obvious answer is the original ball in glove.
  22. I'd rather just have them replace that useless pinstripe set with the 1982 fauxbacks and use it like the A's have their kelly green set.
  23. I have a feeling we'll see powder blue road alts next year. I can't say I've heard too many people Make the Michigan complaint about the Brewers (at least not to the extent I heard it re: the Packers throwbacks). But you're 100% correct on powder vs. royal. Love the flag idea too.
  24. I do think that has more to do with it being the blue one more than anything. But my point is that the significance of the Brewers in cream is probably lost on a lot of people who don't live in Milwaukee. I think the Bucks jerseys are the most publicity the Cream City nickname has ever gotten.
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