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  1. This would be a nice logo for the Connecticut Whalers of the NWHL but only as a shoulder patch. Not strong enough to be promoted to primary.
  2. How about doing City Editions for extinct teams? (Nordiques, Whalers, Golden Seals, Scouts etc.)
  3. I much preferred for the new logo to read as 'Blackpool FC' instead of 'Progress'. Other than that, lovely.
  4. I love the new badge for Korea. Clean as ever. BUT, I don't like the switch for red and blue to black. I'm just not the fan at all. Maybe turn the badge into a horizontal taeguk-style colour scheme of red and blue. Maybe with a gold ball as a subtle tribute to the Joseon Dynasty, whose flag has a colour gold in it.
  5. What I meant to say is the jersey itself. The lion alone is fine. I just think that it could pull off a 'Bayern Munich'-esque design. Maybe a Bavarian flag, too. Though, a Bavarian heraldic style logo is a nice idea if it is meant to be its jock tag.
  6. The real 2018 World Cup logo is said to look like an electric shaver. I praised your efforts for making a tribute to a well-known artist.
  7. Great concept here! Thought it might need some 'Bavarian' inspired design. Still, pretty cool!
  8. How can that be Chicago, though? Because if I think of Chicago, the first thing in my mind is the mafia. Maybe Eric could do that!
  9. I love how every NHL team gets inspiration from its own city. Gives off a unique feel to them. I love to see how my Rangers are like. Who know's? Might be Yankees-inspired? Skyline-inspired? Or a modification of the Americans back in the pre-Original 6 era? I'm waiting.
  10. Do you want to redesign the Original 6 teams from the beginning? Do you want to design an expansion team jersey as if they were during the pre-Original 6 era? If you say YES to any of these questions, this template is truly FOR YOU!