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  1. If the Avs should bring it back, a lot more modifications will need to be made to be considered NHL-worthy.
  2. I wish the gloves are grey instead of white so the whole 3rd set has a nice combination of grey and gold. Also, reverse the red and white on the sleeve parts.
  3. Okay, throw that damn panic button out of the bloody window boys! Rejoice and take in the good news!
  4. :censored:, you know what this means? Dallas could give every single doubters the middle finger by winning the whole thing in Game 7. Anyone got a panic button ready?
  5. And there'll be a Game 7 if Dallas continues to persists.
  6. Why would ESPN make an article that consists of players whining about not being able to do their favourite activities? Is playing NHL 21 not enough for them?
  7. Looks like I'm jumping on the Lightning bandwagon.
  8. Tavares must have been crying in his sleep right now after falling from playoff contention with Toronto. He probably wishes he would have stay with the Isles.
  9. If they can prove the world wrong, that statement would hold some water. But I'm not holding my breath since all I want to see is the Islanders get eliminated. If not, maybe I can turn my head to Dallas and excuse the fact they beat Vegas in five games.
  10. Tomorrow's game will end here. Just wait and see when Tampa Bay wins Game 6.
  11. Tampa Bay are a win away from getting into the final.
  12. Even if they did bring it back, it wouldn't be a factor of winning one. Just because Pittsburgh did it with two cups doesn't meant others expect to do the same. Look at Washington. Their jerseys are not good yet they managed to bring the cup back to DC against Vegas.
  13. This is the most pathetic thing from team that's meant to win the finals in a space of five years.
  14. He won't shut up until Vegas stops screwing itself.
  15. This is about as nightmarish as it gets. Coming from a guy wants Vegas to win.