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  1. They better be home kits, because they look damn fine to me. Even without the marketing blurb, I'll highly rate them in a way Adidas should've taken lessons with.
  2. This would fit well with a team like Arsenal, or any team tied to the military.
  3. Now I looked at it for a while, it's tolerable but I wouldn't use it for another season.
  4. Would you try a navy variant? It'll contrast the powder blue well.
  5. That's an extension of his quotes. The fans want to do the same because his insult became a badge of honour.
  6. Well, I finally someone who shares the same thoughts as mine. What a time to be alive. The 'Real' part would work in a place like Miami, LA, or any Texan city, but Salt Lake isn't one would I think of worthy of that nickname. Chivas, however, is a different story.
  7. You think Columbus has one recognisable symbol recognised by everyone? A hard hat, maybe, but nothing else. Rovers, Wanderers, and Rangers are at least common in the UK. Hotspur, Orient, Argyle, Harrier, and Stanley are one of a kind in my books.
  8. LAFC has a solid brand on its own, but you always take a step further and turn into something impressive. Also, the Chivas USA tribute kit is a nice nod to the Hispanic community who followed the team until their demise 7 years ago.
  9. Curse you and your cringy puns! But in all seriousness, Cech being in Arsenal at one time is what not many fans would remember. After all, he's a Chelsea legend.
  10. I know the other keepers to score a goal in the PL are Tim Howard and Asmir Begovic. They both score from their own box. Can't think of anyone other than these two, however.
  11. The Leafs aren't particularly lucky in the playoffs. I mean, getting eliminated early on shouldn't be a heartbreak at this point. Also, the Rangers are nowhere to be seen this playoff season, but at least the Knights are still there. I'm hoping for them to lift the cup one day.
  12. Typical for a company who's logo is based on a Bulls legend. Still, that PSG home kit feels underwhelming without their iconic Hectare.
  13. Every MLS team isn't confident with American-style nicknames placed in their team names. They FEEL like their identity is amateurish compared to Europe's most popular teams. So they ape what is read on the club's names, not understanding why their own identities define them as clubs and its own fans. Honestly, if they need to rebrand the name and identity to a more Euro approach, they need to understand that it's more than just FCs, SCs, and Uniteds. I'll be fine if there's Athletics, Rovers, Wanderers, Rangers, Towns, etc. But it's getting more redundant as years go by. I wish these owners realise that copying the Premier League does not make a good branding. A committee is needed to prevent this from happening.
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