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  1. Then why name it after a crime-related term disguised as a labour union? That makes the renaming even more dumber than before; trying to make crime synonymous with coolness and bad-assery. Now it's like dirty joke told by a :censored:ty comedian thinking edgy jokes are funny.
  2. To further emphasise my point: OGC Nice Lille OSC RC Lens Le Harve AC Olympique Lyon AS Monaco RSC Anderlecht The last part is Belgian. Still, anything but Clube de Foot.
  3. Dig the logo. Hate the name. What damn shame. Because apparently, MLS teams can't do both at the same time. To the guy who came up with the name, look at teams in Ligue 1 and how they name their club. It'll save you a lot of embarrassment later.
  4. Looks modern enough to fit in the future. Too bad it's already been bogged down by gradients.
  5. Uh, no. Who would want that now the arm paddings are exposed? It's like removing the skin from a human body and only exposing the muscle part.
  6. Always the losing part, huh? What the hell happen with the good old fashioned 'rainbows=gays' mindset? I guess being 'gay' equates to having a terrible season.
  7. By saying business get many chances of selling ads to people? Sure, that's his point. It's unregulated capitalism at its finest.
  8. Is Olympique de Montreal already taken?
  9. Uh, it's more than just a small patch. Believe me, it's going to be more than that. Otherwise, this doesn't look too least when it's not up close.
  10. It's a slow, gradual process when it comes to plastering ads on jerseys. Five years from now, it might be a small patch somewhere in the jersey.
  11. Heh, I've been used to this. But on North America, it's a different game altogether. Any sport not named soccer/rugby feels out of place the moment ads start creeping up.
  12. We're talking about the NHL from 20 years ago. This NHL here is much different than that. The whole sport is locked into tradition. Nevertheless, strict guidelines could save it from being aesthetically ugly. If not, by a single step.
  13. I'm waiting for England to get hold of Umbro. Nike produced some good bangers from time to time, but the rest falls on mediocrity.