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  1. Utah Jazz losing two years in a row was a gut punch for me at the time too even though now I don't care about the NBA. I grew up in Utah but had already moved to Boise, ID during those two NBA Finals. Also 2003 Bartman incident was terrible 2008 NLDS Cubs vs Dodgers 1988 NFC championship game Bears vs 49ers 2010 NFC championship game Bears vs Packers 1997 World Series game 7 Indians vs Marlins (Indians are my second fav behind the cubs) 1998, 2006 & 2014 World Cup runs by Brazil ending in disappointment.
  2. I miss the opening themes... MLB on NBC from 86-89 HNiC theme NFL on CBS late 80's theme ABC MNF 80's theme NFL on NBC theme 80's & 90's Cubs baseball on WGN and seeing Harry Caray everyday Keith Jackson, Dick Endberg, Charlie Jones, Don Criqui, John Madden, Pat Summerall, Vin Scully. I also miss fans celebrating on the field. I miss the imperfect grass playing surfaces (mud, snow, rain, dirt fields at the end of the season). I miss college bowl games meaning something. I miss the old NHL with enforcers. Old sportscenter. I miss unique super bowl logos and fields, I miss daytime MLB playoffs and daytime Super Bowl's. I miss the easy access of sports. You could watch more on OTA or superstations or very basic cable.
  3. I would be in favor of that or jump straight to the finals with the two best teams or a semi final with the four best teams in the league of each (NHL & NBA). Do it in a neutral site with no fans and bam be done with it!
  4. They should probably make that decision by next week because normally the finals in each league would be starting around the last week of May first week of June.
  5. Just to make it more interesting for the fans and give them more product to make up for not having a playoffs. It would be a way to salvage the season.
  6. I would be in favor of the NBA putting the Bucks vs Lakers in the nba finals best of 9 in Las Vegas no fans. And putting the Bruins vs Blues in a best of 9 also in Vegas. They should just do this and plan ahead for next season.
  7. My question is why Fanatics is even offering this product if they can't ship it out until November? Fanatics grinds my gears so much with this kind of crap.
  8. That is another good idea.
  9. I agree with you as someone that has lived in Arizona for a long time. They really should put Est. 1988 like the Dodgers do on their merchandise Est. 1958. Most fans here are not aware of Chicago. They are only a little aware of St. Louis if they started following the team in 1988. What is worse is a lot of people here didn't start following the team till they actually moved to the new stadium and went to the Super Bowl. The Cardinals got more fans during that 2008 season than in anytime in their tenure here in the desert. More than likely a fan would compare Wisenhunt or Denny Green to things that the current coach does or doesn't do in certain situations. For me this is more reason to embrace a new Arizona image for their new uniforms. There is still time to go a little radical.
  10. To my surprise I have seen quite a few northern red cardinals in the Rio Rico/Nogales area near the borderlands. I think I have seen a cardinal in almost each part of the state I have been or lived in.
  11. As someone who has been living in arizona for the last 15 years I think that this could be a great place to start the conversation. I even wouldn't mind going the AZ Dback route of Red, bit of black, sand and turquoise (as an accent color). The Cardinals did a dia de los muertos poster last fall with turquoise outlines around the bird and it looked outstanding!
  12. I hated rebook so much back when they did the NFL and NHL. All they came up with was goofy uniforms for everyone they touched. Angled stripes on the Bills was unnecessary, the 2009 49er rebrand was goofy, the collars where goofy just like the early toilet seat NIKE collars were also goofy. Rebook had no business designing uniforms. All we need now is a fix for the Arizona Cardinals.
  13. Or maybe instead of a home run contest to settle it after 10 innings, maybe they could even say after the tenth inning both teams will put one less player on the field when they go back on defense to make it easier for one team or the other to score and end the extra innings sooner. No shortstops after the tenth, after 11 innings no more center fielder etc.
  14. Cartoon bird is my favorite Oriole look of all time. I even bought a cartoon bird hat and t-shirt despite not being an O's fan because I love the logo. I hope they never go back to the bird from 89'-2011.
  15. This is my favorite Elvis era patriots jersey.