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  1. I am fine with these rules for the regular season (putting runner on second in extra innings) but for the postseason it shouldn't be that way. I see it the way hockey has the shootout in the regular season to avoid so much overtime and they just save the double, triple or quadruple overtime for the playoffs.
  2. Hopefully they keep it there all season which I doubt. But one can hope! At least it will be back week 15 when they wear the uniforms. I wish they would do something like Miami does and paint the endzones with blue and orange diamonds but then put the D logo on the 50 yd line.
  3. I hope so I have hated the robobronco logo and uniforms since the day they put them out back in 1997.
  4. If I were an owner of a pro sports franchise; I would sell now and go enjoy life since there is so much instability with whether games will be played due to COVID, not having fans in the stands, cancellations due to protests etc.
  5. You would be cancelled like they are trying to do to Mike Mulberry.
  6. Las Vegas wouldn't have been worth it for Stan Kroenke to build an 8 billion dollar stadium & entertainment district with private funds. Las Vegas is only worth it if you can get public funds. Raiders would have never went there if they had to foot the whole thing. The Bay Area is one of those prime locations around the country where it is worth it to build with private funds. That was the point that was being made on that radio show in LA which was being hosted by Fred Roggin who followed the whole relocation saga the entire time along with Vinny Bonseniore.
  7. Edmonton Oilers or roughnecks! They could use uniforms similar to the Houston Roughnecks since Alberta is an oil state like Texas. Or if there is another version of a name that could represent the oil industry in Alberta.
  8. Apparently according to local radio in San Diego and LA Stan Kroenke was going to target Oakland had LA fallen through on the relocation vote to the Raiders and Chargers going to Carson. I could see Oakland and the East Bay being very attractive for an owner with deep pockets that wants to privately fund his own stadium like Kroenke did in LA. There is not an owner like that now but who knows if years from now someone with the likes of Kroenke comes in and buys the Jaguars or whoever comes up for sale and then moves them into a privately funded stadium in the East Bay.
  9. I don't miss Reebok era piping all over NFL, college and NHL uniforms.
  10. Interview with him here on local TV in Tucson;
  11. They should have bubble cities for the NFL season. Use the new Sofi Stadium stadium in LA as a hub city for the NFC, AFC West & North if they need more stadia for it they can use one of the soccer stadiums in LA. They all play each other for the entire regular season. Then the AFC South & East play at Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis for the entire regular season.
  12. I don't think code talkers is a good idea either as years from now it will become a problem again with people that don't read up on things before getting outraged. I think it is best to just move completely away from native imagery or any ethnicity to avoid problems later. Redtails was cool but I could also see that becoming a problem with people that don't educate themselves about the meaning of a name. Redwolves or something of that nature might be the safest way to go.
  13. I am pretty confident that all special events like Players weekend are all cancelled this season. It will be more like MLB in the 1980's with no special uniforms besides the occasional throwbacks.
  14. I think the current look is the best they have looked. I was disappointed when they got rid of the snakeskin on the shoulders. It did look stupid on the pants and the hat. They should emphasize black red and turquoise more. The turquoise pops really well off the old dark grey uniform and the white home.