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  1. Here in Tucson,AZ there is a huge Patriot/Yankee bandwagon. Every other car here has a Wildcat, Yankee and a Patriot sticker on the bumper. The bandwagon for the Patriots is real outside their own market.
  2. I like the new ramhead. It reminds me the old school 60's-70's ramhead logo.
  3. That is such a relief!!! They should scrap it now and use uniforms from last season if they have any left in stock LOL.
  4. Too bad the Chicago Fire front office didn't listen to their fans...
  5. I miss these two logos and I am not even a fan of these teams.
  6. I agree that would be an awesome color for the Bucs.
  7. Hey man no skin off my nose I am a Bear fan LOL we don't need shinny to wear navy. But, its the only way to go with Pewter so it doesn't look brown so might as well eliminate it. Also the Cowboys & Raiders might have something to say about this since they both still wear shinny pants.
  8. This is the direction I want the DBacks to go in here in Arizona. They only sellout Chase Field when there is a World Series or when the Yankees or Red Sox visit. There are good crowds for Cubs, Dodgers and Giants games too but nothing to the extent of a sellout. I think this concept of 32,000 would do well here if they happen to build out on the Salt River Reservation.
  9. I could see them going somewhere in this direction in regards to helmets. I don't see pewter sticking around because NIKE doesn't do shinny material.
  10. I am pretty confident that Pewter is going to go away because NIKE can't seem for the life of me to make shiny material for pewter. I could see super bowl set updated minus pewter and creamsicle becomes more prominent as a potential alt color rush jersey or throwback. I think there will be white helmets too.
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing the Wildcats moved to San Diego along with moving the Vipers to Orlando or San Antonio. I think those would be better markets for the XFL than LA and Tampa. Philly is a good option but I wonder why Chicago has not been thought of for the XFL?
  12. They should have put the Wildcats in San Diego and the Tampa Vipers in Orlando or another minor league city like San Antonio. But because of the TV deals they need LA and NY involved. The Guardians would be better playing at Red Bull Arena.
  13. Go Roughnecks! I love the Oiler looking logo on the helmets.
  14. I think it would be better to for example put one big star on the sleeve of a Yankee jersey and the number 27 inside. If they win another world series change it to 28. Same would go for all other teams that have more than one WS title. Teams like the Angels could have a star on the sleeve with the year '02 since they only won once. Or teams like the Angels and Dbacks could have just the star with nothing inside of it.
  15. I wouldnt mind something like this for the AZ Cardinals, except make the pattern in sillouette of the state flag.