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  1. I agree with all of this. Jazz missed a golden opportunity when they went away from the finals uniforms for the sake of change. I grew up in Northern Utah until age 12 before we moved all over the west before settling in Boise (during the back to back finals years). I have been in Arizona since 2005. I would like to see the Jazz go back to something like that that represents the entire state.
  2. I feel like the Utah Jazz also have an identity crisis. They can't decide what colors they want to stick with long term or if they want to appease Jazz culture or go with regional uniforms like the purple mountain or southern Utah. Their city edition is a solid identity and I wonder if they should roll with that long term.
  3. It would be better if the Suns went with more regional Sonoran tribes: Pima, Tohono, Yaqui, San Xavier, Gila, Maricopa etc. Aztecs don't identify at all with Arizona or neighboring Sonora across the border. Aztec identifies stronger with Southern Mexico.
  4. I won't buy an NHL hat because NE no longer makes them. If I can find an American needle or M & N for NHL I would buy it. If MLB dumps NE they would lose a crap ton of sales from fans.
  5. He would probably put HOLLYWOOD across the jersey if he could get away with it.
  6. I was angry when the ditched the sunburst for this atrocity of a fubu uniform. Why did Reebok and Addias love side panels so much in the 2000's??
  7. Here in Tucson where I live there are quite a few tribes surrounding the Tucson area. When Hatclub was still active at the mall the store owner told me that 97% of their sales of the chief wahoo hat where being gobbled up by Tohono, San Xavier and Yaqui members. He said they loved the hat and the (Washington Football Team) one too. On the other hand I know quite a few natives up in Washington State (l lived up there for a few years) that don't like any of the native logos or team names. I also know a handful of others in that same tribe (Yakama) that love the Florida State and Washington (Washington Football Team) gear. On the other hand we have the activist Amanda Blackhorse up on the Navajo reservation that actively fought against the Washington name. The high school on the Navajo nation was called the (Washington Football Team) and the kids going there loved the name. I feel like it is like anything in life; people in one group all have different tastes and opinions. Some natives hate the team nicknames and others want them gone.
  8. They are just never happy with anything which was why I was one of the people that at the time thought they should have just kept things as they were. It doesn't matter what name WFT or CBT pick there will always be someone miserable with their own existence.
  9. This looks like something for the wannabe gangster crowd.
  10. Just put the horns back together again as one horn, maybe move them inward on the front of the helmet like a real ram, get rid of the hello my name is name tag on jerseys, get rid of gradients and then you have an awesome uniform set.
  11. I have seen a lot of chatter on Twitter about people wanting the all Navy Charger look during the LT/Rivers years in San Diego.
  12. If they had went to Super Bowl XXXI in these they would have kept them just like the Broncos did just "cause" we won in those uniforms. So it was a good thing they decided against it.
  13. That sucks. I think we are in an era where the companies want everything to be "limited" and gone versus having stock to the point where they have to put it on sale one day when uniforms change. Look at how the MLB city connect jerseys flew off the shelves in a week online? Even the boring Red Sox and Cubs ones flew off the shelves in days.
  14. Another issue is that Nike/Fanatics is not putting out enough jerseys. For example its dang near impossible to buy a San Diego Padres jersey that is a blank replica and or if it has Tatis on it. I have a feeling DH Gate is gonna start making a killing on Padres jerseys with the terrible inventory/logistics on behalf of Nike/Fanatics. Even alot of Vapor jerseys are hard to find depending on the player or the debacle last year on people that order the new Rams jerseys didn't get them till nearly Christmas when they had ordered the jerseys after the unveiling.
  15. MLS is doing everything they can to eliminate their core base from the very beginning when the league was founded to make every club look generic and European.
  16. This is the best Marlins uniform I have ever seen. Even better than the Teals that I was a fan of. The Marlins should dump blank immediately and run with these city uniforms by making a grey, white and blue jersey.
  17. Why have the A's not tried other Bay Area municipalities in the East Bay? They can't revive the Freemont project from 2006?
  18. People here in Tucson wont support the Dbags who are 2 hours away because they are a Phoenix team. People here are big Red Sox, Yankee, Cub and Dodger fans. I don't think they would support an MLB team here and if they do it would be out of spite against the Dbags who treated Tucson bad when they left the city/county holding the bag on an 8 year old spring training facility that was no longer good enough for them. The owner that came along after Colangelo alienated Southern AZ really bad.
  19. I moved to Arizona from Idaho in 05'. I would go to games every now and then for Dbacks, Coyotes, Cardinals and Suns but I could never latch onto them. I continue preferring the teams I liked while living in Idaho.
  20. I tried really hard to follow MLS in the first decade of the 2000's. I mainly liked Chicago Fire and Seattle Sounders. I got sick and tired of the constant expansion, constant rebranding to cheesy european names, the fake barra bravo plastic fanbases that they manufactured for each team to force Europe/Latin America even harder on the MLS brand. I decided to just stick with Flamengo of Rio de Janeiro in the Brazilian League instead of trying to also follow MLS and their Euro cosplay.
  21. I wouldn't mind seeing the 49ers change uniforms again. As much as I like the Montana era uniforms I felt they did a very half assed job with bringing them back and they don't seem the same. It would be nice to see more gold in the 49ers pants and jerseys that doesn't look beige or khaki.
  22. I am looking at you Arizona Cardinals........Listen to the fans and change the uniforms!
  23. I think you massively fail to understand the demographic in Southern California. Even where I lived at the time Ogden, UT we were only rocking the gear because it was gangsta, silver and black. We all wanted to be like NWA. The colors still ring true today in Southern California despite the fact there is no more NWA or the Raiders in town.
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