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  1. Just ban me forever. I am not joking, and calmed down.
  2. It’s usually shadowed by roundball rock.
  3. This is for any main theme from an official broadcasting company that covers professional sports and their themes for the sports. I’ll get it it started, the NFL on NBC theme from 1995-1997 is simply spectacular!
  4. Hey, Magic makes sense for the entertainment that makes Orlando iconic, they need to repurpose the Thunder name, Heat needs to go, I agree with you there.
  5. The name is predictable, but man they f---ing killed the logos and uniform.
  6. Oh, sorry, the name will be disappointingly the Kraken. (100th post, Yay)
  7. Nice look, but we already know it’s a water themed team.
  8. What should they be called? I’m thinking monarchs.
  9. I hate incorrect names, but if they have history, I won't bother changing the name.
  10. Portland and Birmingham yeah, but have you ever seen the Alamodome?
  11. Utah, San Diego, San Antonio, St. Louis, Portland, Orlando, and Birmingham are all great reps!
  12. I’m asking for the community’s opinion.
  13. Honestly, the Texans are the next one, it sounds bland and generic.
  14. I'm suggesting who do you think will make that jump the quickest?
  15. Well, FCS until Mizzou valley becomes a FBS conference.
  16. I was ridiculous, MAC would be the best option.
  17. This is a boring name, but you're right, the Chiefs were used to be called the Dallas Texans, and the Houston should be called the Explorers, still sticking to the 60's theme for Houston.
  18. Who here remembers that Europe football league that Josef-Bretones made, that should be in the Goldmine.
  19. Nice look, but Houston should get a different name.
  20. Which is the next after the Redskins, another thread will be posted on Expansion.
  21. I was ridiculous on the NDSU into the Big Ten, more seriously, I think Liberty could be a national threat in a decade or less. Now, who will be the next team to move from FCS to FBS?
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