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  1. No sense making a "draft picks in new uniform" thread, but if anyone cares, Eagles picks are as follows: Jalen Raeger 18 Jalen Hurts 2 Nobody cares after that.
  2. What's the difference between a Nike and Wilson football? Why would one be a lot better than the other? Just the grip? I have a deflated HS Wilson game ball from the '90s somewhere in my basement - I think. IIRC it was also the NCAA version from back then... and it was pretty slick.
  3. MLB would have to share more revenue tho. While the Rangers, Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, and others have >$1B tv deals, I imagine there’s clubs that have relatively tiny ones, and do rely more on gate. Considering 81 home games, that’s not insignificant to some teams, even if it is to others. NFL is a whole different animal since they share equally in the TV money and that’s an astronomical figure.
  4. I used the credit for my 2020 season tickets to pay for 2021. The thing is, my 2020 tickets were paid for by my deposit for 2019 playoff games that never happened, so my 2021 tickets were paid for in 2019!
  5. Much like with the Falcons, they didn't stop at one new feature that stands out - they tried to cram like 5 new things in there, and it's all just too much. Do the plastic/gradient numbers this release, and then add the patches in the .1, tweak the horns for the .2, etc. Like the Falcons, they left themselves no room to evolve without hitting the delete key and starting over. It's like software. 80% of the features are used 20% of the time, and 20% are used 80%. Waterfall development resulted in long lead times and delivered everything all at once, without any time for people to actually use it and see what they liked and whate else they needed. Often times, you had to just write a whole new piece of software to replace what you just spent years building. With agile development, you do incremental releases, get the feedback, then adjust what you did, or add a new feature in the next release. NFL teams need to be more agile, and end their waterfall processes.
  6. Yep. I'm sure Nike sold them on all these gadgets and features, but the Rams still bought it. It's clear that their initial direction or "one big thing" was about having something that stands out, and nothing at all to do with their traditions. Have we gotten the Nike Speak yet? I'm dying to know what crap they have to say about some of the elements. The STL uniforms (the originals, with only gold pants) were nearly perfect football uniforms, and could easily have been recolored to match the LA colors. I'm not advocating for a recolor, but to use that as a base, and then do a few tweeks here and there. Ditch the TV numbers if you want, put a stripe on the pants if you want, maybe try to do the gradient, but then STOP RIGHT THERE.
  7. I don't think they're ridiculous, just unnecessary. Those "rules" are fine if absolute consistency and cohesion os the goal, but that doesn't need to be the goal. The numbers are the biggest thing though, and I agree that no outline would be the best move. Keeping the same double outline just makes the numbers look like poor knockoffs of the previous set, and they don't go with anything else in the uniform. Even a single outline would be an improvement, but solid color would make the most sense, and also look "tough" (for lack of a better term.)
  8. Spalding is the only ball I've ever known the NBA to use, even if they technically used Wilson when I was born. I also associate Spalding with basketball. Mostly because these days that's all I ever see it associated with. I remember when Spalding had everything, even if they were eventually relegated to the K-Marts of the retail world. I'm not sure if that was by design or if they were just a victim of the consolidation of the mom-pop sporting goods stores into the big boxes that had deals with the Nikes and whoever else. Speaking of which, Wilson is also a name that you don't see often anymore - at least in mainstream sports. I associate Wilson with two things - tennis and footballs, but when I was a lad, that W was on just about everything. Not quite as ubiquitous as the swoosh, but still everywhere. EDIT: If the league wanted to be safe, they'd just continue the manufacture of the balls wherever they're actually made, and just switch the logos - like how Nike did it with the Ripon jerseys - just to avoid the uproar from a few years ago when they tried the silly 2-panel ball.
  9. I remember the Penguins announcer that would say stupid-irrelevant phrases after every goal, and then he got on Sports Center, so lots of hack announcers tried to come up with catch phrases or silly things that would get them on Sports Center. I'm sure there's announcers that sit around coming up with sayings, many of which aren't even sports related, or Chris Berman-esque nicknames just to get attention. "You had barbecue? And didn't invite me?" WTF. Tota hack.
  10. Overreaction? Let me try again. I don't know why this would be a thought right now, considering teams have no idea what they're doing about tickets, how many people will be allowed in at any one time, how their tickets will even be distributed, where people will sit, etc. Getting / using tickets is likely to be a lot different this year than in any previous one, so wait until teams have some kind of plan before worrying about it. The cost is likely to be very high too, since the supply will likely be very limited. Also, if you buy tickets second hand, you're screwed if there's another outbreak or for some reason they have to ban fans from the stadiums again. Feel free to PM me (I won't read it) if this advice offends you for some reason.
  11. Because there's no reason to. A better question is "why can't teams just use good looking numbers". The Rams didn't have the choice. The NFL gave the Chargers the right of first refusal. There was nothing the Rams could have done about it. I disagree with this. Los Angeles is more marketable than Rams. There's only a few cities where the city itself takes precedence over the team. An NY or LA team doesn't need to rely on cuddly mascots or goofy logos to vie for attention. That's why I think the Yankees don't need logos on their uniforms, or a goofy mascot that you see everywhere (let their minor league teams in Scranton and elsewhere do that.) The NYG don't need a goofy Giant logo on their sleeve. It's N F'n Y. I see it similarly with LA. An LA + horn logo is all they needed (it's just that the one they made sucks.) Nothing wrong with a ram logo just to put on some kids merch, but LA is more important than Rams- - just as it is with the Kings. People wear NY stuff not necessarily because they're fans of the team, but the NY means something so some people (especially internationally.) Same with LA.
  12. Sucks for they wives and kids. Hope none have a family emergency that requires them to leave the bubble and then be quarantined for 2 weeks prior to re-entry. I don't know how much your average MLS guy makes, but a quick google search shows that some make under 100k. I assume that means their spouse is working too (likely from home now), which means that he is probably needed to help with any kids, since it's not like you can get a nanny. Seems like there may be more important things to consider than whether games can go on. Screw America for needing its SPORTS so bad that people get put in these positions. Props to Zack Wheeler for giving MLB the middle finger (though he can afford to do so... there's lots of others that can't.)
  13. $100 for upper deck is standard normal price in many places, let alone the secondary market. I wouldn't even think about thinking about it right now. I'm guessing the Falcons and the Florida teams will be cramming 100,000 soon-to-be-dead granny killers into their stadiums, but there's no way I'd make any advance purchases anywhere else right now. Best case scenario for most places is that the stadiums are open, but they run lotteries for the STH and only allow some small percentage to attend the games, like 10% or 20%. Probably each STH will get one game. Just a guess. Plan for 2021. Not sure why this is even a thought right now.
  14. So in this era, where every team has a sassy social media account, are the Chargers even allowed to take any jabs at the Rams? Or would that result in their locker room size suddenly shrinking by 25%?
  15. I actually like the idea of a BFBS uniform for them. Royal and yellow against black works for me... not full time obv.
  16. They should change their name to the Moon Boners, or Bone Moons, or Moon Bones, or some version of that.
  17. Because the blue numbers contrast against the white, bone, and yellow in that area. There's no good color to use for the blue jerseys, since white would disappear against the yellow. The obvious solution here would be to put more blue and yellow on the "horn" of the bone jerseys, and skip the TV number there too. It's really a baffling decision to make the jerseys so different. I wonder what "work for the big guys" really means. Like... there's extra stretchy elastic? WHAT THE F IS THE ZIG ZAG PATTERN ON THE YELLOW SLEEVE MOON????? Has Nike even released their diarrhea-like explanations for these crap details? You're correct that the general pattern would work well for those other teams, but I think the Rams version is just fine too. The sleeve horn just doesn't work well today. I'm sure people are going to post the throwbacks and say "yes it does", but I guess I just see it differently. These "hoops" look just fine to me, and I also loved how they did it on the STL version. There's 99 problems, but sleeve horns ain't 1. Yep. Totes. They'd have to get rid of the TV number, like I said above, but that's fine with me. I hadn't noticed that until now. Jesus mother effing by god christ. Everyone involved, from Nike, to the decision makers with the Rams, should be added to the record number of unemployment filers. How so many people in this country can be losing their jobs, but these people keep theirs just points to how unfair the system is some times.
  18. hey if you’re a fan and you like them, then that’s great. You’re the target audience, so your opinion matters a lot to them. from a distance, the blue jersey really isn’t that bad. It’s close to being good. I’d have to see the rest of the numbers, specify what a lineman jersey would look like (57 for example)
  19. I made a similar point. Above all else, it’s the single most iconic thing about the franchise. It’s been through multiple color iterations, and yet always been synonymous with the Rams. im all for advancement - even if the Yankees could somehow do it - but nobody’s been able to, and it’s one of those things that you don’t do just for the sake of doing. the new helmets look like they have crescent moons on them, not horns. It’s absolute trash. the numbers are the only redeeming thing, and I still think there’s loads of room for improvement there. In terms of all-time worst uniforms, this is probably third worst: Bucs alarm clocks was worst, then Browns with their pants wordmark and contrast stitching, then these, then a gap, then Titans. My heart goes out to Rams fans that have to watch these for the next 5 years. Seriously, I’d hate to be in your shoes.
  20. Why is that a bad thing? The Rams helmet is iconic - even the slightest change will seem like more than what it is. I'm always in favor of evolution, but like all things, it has to look good. The new horn - especially where the splits are - just looks too much like a moon to me, and not like Rams horns. The curve-around really removed any ambiguity, and now that's gone. Obviously I will know it's the Rams, because I know, but if I just saw it for the first time, I might wonder why they have a crescent moon on their helmets. They'd have to remove the segmentation if they want the new shape to work.
  21. Screw the Dolphins for not vetoing that.
  22. Not only that, but it looks like there's one of those "Live!" casinos / hotels there, in roughly the same shape as all the others. What a piece of trash. Were there renderings released that somehow didn't get posted here? If you're putting a billion plus into a stadium, why not at least try to make it look like a baseball stadium, or just any kind of stadium, rather than an elaborate college field house? They had an opportunity to put the money into building an iconic structure... right next door to one... and instead built a warehouse. I'd be livid if my taxes went to that.
  23. this isn’t (to some member’s surprise) the concepts forum, so I’m not going to post suggestions for an improvement, but it’s irrelevant anyway. My point is that NY and LA teams don’t need goofy mascot-based logos, because the city is the bigger part of the brand. I don’t care how the LA logo was received. It was received how it should have been. I don’t care about the ownership group, and I care about the franchise’s history about as much as the LA market does (not much). I just know that they don’t need a ram-head logo.
  24. That's like Lucas Oil Stadium and Costco had a baby. It's the worst looking stadium in MLB (besides Tampa, but that should go without saying.)