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  1. This one will have some controversy and hopefully inspire some good debate, as the inherent subjectivity in such lists is more apparent here than in the MLB list. A few rules: I'm going by "look and feel", not just who's wearing literally the same uniform the longest. In some cases, minor changes matter, in some cases, even what some would call "major" don't. It's just up to my judgement. As we saw in the MLB thread, there was good discussion that resulted in me changing my mind on a few. That's what I'm hoping for here, so I'm intentionally stretching it on a couple. I basically went off of my own memory combined with the Gridiron Uniform Database. When in doubt over if the "look and feel" changed as the result of a tweak, I kinda went back and toggled the uniform through the years just to see if I noticed a distinct change from year to year. If no, then I didn't count it. If yes, then I did. As noted, there's also subjectivity that simply cannot be codified - so something like the Steelers changing number fonts would count as a big change to a lot of people, but not to me. In other cases, even a small logo tweak counted as a change. Funny how that works. I'm sure I left some team(s) out - please point that out as harshly as possible. If I'm not called an idiot, jerk, communist, or worse, I'll be offended. Home / primary uniform counted the most by far. I didn't really count road / secondary uniforms. So here we go: Colts: 1957 (I didn't research every single year, but this is when the helmet changed so I assume it's the start of the look. Facemask change didn't seem to make much of an impact.) Chiefs: 1963 (not counting the addition of sleeve strips and number trim. This is one of those cases where subjectivity played a big role. I don't think the look/feel changed at all when those trim elements were added.) Raiders: 1963 Cowboys: 1965 (not sure when the black trim was added to the blue sleeve stripes, but it doesn't matter.) Steelers: 1968 (As noted, the number font switch didn't alter the look/feel at all. It's still solid white on the same black jersey.) Washington: 1972 (despite the pants changing from yellow to white/burgundy and now back to yellow, it just seems like the same uniform. Interested to hear your takes on this.) Bears: 1973 (more controversy, but I consider changing the helmet logo to orange did change things, since the helmet is the most recognizable element and serves as a de-facto primary logo) Washington: 1979 (changed this one since the reduction of yellow from both the jerseys and pants does change the look more than I originally thought.) Colts: 1987 (counting the gray pants and their attempt to introduce a whole new color to their home and road uniforms as a change in their look, so '87 begins the current era.) Packers 1989 (the G-stripe sleeves and pants number counted as a change to me. It looked like they were trying to add contemporary elements, which detracted a bit from their traditional look, so I'm counting '89 as the start of the current era. The sleeve stripe changes don't matter to me.) Panthers: 1995 (the helmet logo change is kind of irrelevant since most people don't even notice.) Eagles: 1996 (consensus is that the changes made for 1996 are essentially the same look as theyr'e wearing now, since the helmet, logo, number font, and colors are all the same, though the trim, pants, wordmark, and number treatment has been altered some over the years.) Broncos: 1997 (the navy uniform is still in the rotation, and even the switch to orange didn't change the look/feel. Steelers: 1997 (consensus is the change in font to the italicized future for numbers and regular for NOB counts as a change to a more modern look.) Go.
  2. I get custom numbers, but why to teams try so hard to have something that's so unique? More often than not, they look terrible. The current Bengals numbers don't fall into the 'terrible' category, but they don't go well with their uniform - a more Texans-ish style would have been preferable. Hopefully that's something that's corrected.
  3. To me, adding all the trim that comes along with the pullovers changes that classic look. The classic BoB look really out of place on this pullover sans-a-bet uniform:
  4. Does anyone even know what the Raptors offered? If it wasn't the most they were allowed to, then they didn't really try.
  5. “In a world in which we are free to implement perfect solutions to problems that were avoidable but happened anyway.”
  6. Is 00 when they went to cream? If yes, then I take it back and will count 00 as the start of a new uni-era for them. The triple threat of arch difference, NOB removal, and base color change is enough for me to consider it a change, since the “overall look” was changed to reflect a true throwback uniform rather than a modern uniform with a throwback (or fauxback) word mark. Y’all convinced me.
  7. I kinda hate it when my team has a game on a holiday, since I'm usually doing a million things other than sitting in front of a TV or sitting in the blazing sun at a stadium. Maybe I'm in the minority. A Thursday 4th usually translates into lots of people taking off on Friday and making a long getaway weekend out of it.
  8. In a perfect world, that's the best solution - I suggested as much a few pages ago - but there's myriad reasons it's impossible, one of which being Miami's investment in the Marlins stadium, two being Tampa/St. Pete's reluctance to build a new stadium. The true "Florida" Marlins in AL East would be great, but...
  9. The rules shouldn't change during the final x minutes of any quarter in any league. The rules are the rules - they shouldn't just magically change at an arbitrary point during the game. I get the NFL wants that extra time out in there to 1) provide a commercial opportunity, and 2) present the final 2 minutes to the viewers as almost like a "segment", but it's really silly.
  10. Without doing a lot of research, I think LV over San Antonio is a no brainer. For one, LV is building an amazing stadium - not sure San Antonio would or could - and Alamo Dome is kind of a dump. For two, the San Antonio market size isn't as big as you may think, and my guess just from my few times in Texas is that it would be more like a small-market type team, since most fans in Texas are already spoken for, and I'm not sure "Raider Nation" would have much of an impact there. While the LV metro area is technically a little bit smaller than SA, it's growing, and on any given day, there's way more people in LV than SA due to tourists. Most people would love to go to LV to see their team play - it's a great road-trip town - while San Antonio... yeah, not so much.
  11. I wonder if he was conscious and knew they were going to do it, or if he was out and then woke up without an arm. Either way, that's awful. I wonder if he gets any assistance from the league - he'd have health coverage since he was an active player, right? I wonder if the Dolphins can keep him on the roster on the PUP list or some other loophole just to do him a solid so he can get his bills covered?
  12. That's odd. I can't recall any other time an athlete died and we didnt' know why within a day or so.
  13. I remember seeing the goathead jersey in a sporting goods store (before the season had started, so it hadn't hit the ice) and I thought it was the coolest jersey ever... but I had no idea what team it was for. There was no internet, so I figured there was expansion and I didn't know - but I still wasn't sure the team name. It didn't immediately look like a buffalo to me... but I didn't know exactly what it was, just that in person, it looked bad ass. Then when I saw it was for the Sabres, I got a little ticked, because while I wasn't a big fan of their previous set - I think it looked "old" even by that era's standards - I hated that they changed their color scheme. So yeah - great uniform - just not for the Sabres. IMO the alts from that era really sucked, but the primaries - especially the white - were really good.
  14. I'm not sure what the word is, because it's certainly not "classic" or "timeless", but that Suns jersey like "classic from this day on", or "timeless from this day on". It may have been doable in the 70s or 80s, but wouldn't have fit in well with "classic" uniforms from way back when (as opposed to something like the Bulls, Celtics, Lakers, current Sixers, etc.), but from the moment it debuted until... well, still going, it fits in just fine. "Modern classic" maybe?
  15. Since TV#s aren't a requirement anymore (at least for throwbacks), they could just lose them altogether to make it work. Also... those Suns uniforms would look just fine today. I don't really associate them as a '90s design, because I really think they would look good in the '00s, '10s, '20s, etc. That was a really good set. 100x better than the red-numbered version, and a uniform that they could have worn for a long time, however, since they did introduce those Apex uniforms, that's what the Patriots of that era are associated with, and the one that would make the most sense to throwback to. The giant-Elvis set is my favorite Patriots uniform, but the 'hybrid' one is also a great one.
  16. Maybach isn't a thing anymore? One of the condo buildings near me offers free use of a Maybach with driver... wonder what they're doing now.
  17. Saw this back in May but never posted. Local jabronis ripping ping off the Sixers and Eagles. I must say, they did a pretty nice job of it. EDIT: Not sure why it's sideways, but I'm not going through the hassle of re-uploading it from phone to fix it. THere needs to be a better way of doing mobile uploads.
  18. I'd only say that the helmet was the thing that they screwed up the least... not that they didn't screw it up. The new shade of orange is a little too red, and the brown facemask is a downgrade from the gray. I get that the traditional gray would clash with their contemporary look, but even white would have worked better than brown IMO.
  19. The Bobi and Tobi breakup tweets are almost too much to handle without shedding a tear:
  20. This was a great uniform and I'd love for them to make a throwback. It'd be neat to see Tom Brady in it. Curious to see how it would translate to current templates.
  21. So I looked up that JD McDuffie crash, and found this video. I have to admit - the way you can see all the figures - gear, RPM, MPH, etc. live on the screen is pretty cool, and I could totally see where if I was a "car guy", I'd enjoy watching this (if that kind of stuff was on the screen all the time.) The first minute or so shows what I'm talking about (the crash isn't for a little while.) Why is NASCAR such an inherently southern thing? Like is there something in the water that just makes you a fan if you are from there and less likely to be a fan if you're from other areas? It's become a stereotype... but it's true. Why?
  22. My softball team tried the shift against left handed hitters last night. It didn’t work. I’m not sure why major league teams use it if it can’t even work in a recreational softball game.
  23. Nope. They were in the rotation, albeit minimally.
  24. Even though it would hurt "my" team, I hope there's some chance he would resign with Toronto. He'll never be able to top what he did this year, so I don't blame him for wanting to take a bit of a break and enjoy LA and being on a team where he's not 90% of it, but he has a chance to get into "statue" territory if he stays with Toronto for the next 4-5 years of his career. That's kind of a big deal. KD might bet getting his number retired, but will they make a freaking statue for him? If Kawhi resigns with Toronto, ther'll be a statue.