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  1. I"m not talking about the throwbacks. I'm talking about their fantastic alt. One of my favorite alts - maybe my #1 - of all time.
  2. How is Pier 1 associated with failure, when it had a good long run as a reputable company? No reasonable person looks at that logo and is like "lol, that didn't work", unlike with New Coke, Circuit City, the WCW Starship, Pat Patriot, and K-Mart. Granted, K-Mart also had a good run, but wasn't ever looked at highly, and spent its final decade or more just hanging on for life in a very undignified manner, to the point where everyone just assumed it was already dead (I remember driving by one and passing it by because I thought it was closed down, only to realize it was open, just with zero customers. Scored a lifetime supply of dishwasher capsules on super clearance.) Is this thread now simply "logos of companies that have recently filed for bankruptcy?"
  3. It's an anime character.
  4. To bring it back to baseball, this shade - from one of my favorite recent alts - would work well:
  5. I skipped a few steps. I think this is just another one of those quarantine-related outliers. There's no baseball, no uniform news to talk about, people with time to post, and this board's two favorite past times are hockey and wrestling, so here we are. I'll concede, that's a lot of hockey talk in a baseball thread even for this board.
  6. I think the orange stayed pretty true through the first Edge set (though there was so little of it, it was hard to tell) but definitely got lighter when they went full-time throwback. It was kinda like this shade:
  7. Yuck barf no. 1) the gold wordmark was just a giant patch on the front. THe black wordmark, where the letters were individual, looked much better IMO. I'm indifferent about the offset number. 2) I was one of the rare fans of the wide sleeves. 3) the dazzle fabric of v2 was really key to their look. The flat mesh just looked... flat.
  8. AI was "beloved", and that uniform is associated with him and that era, but I wouldn't say it's "beloved" on its own, and I've never heard anyone say to bring it back full time. Even those links you posted were about alternates or throwbacks. I've never heard fans or players say they want them back full time. I happened to like them, but they're too associated with one person to ever be brought back full time. IMO they have one of the top sets in the entire league now, and have no reason to change... ever. But yeah, a throwback would be sweet, especially since AI is basically a second mascot now.
  9. I think they could probably get away with full bush today. Anyway, not going back to check, but TWIB was one of my favorite things about the '80s. It was pretty much the only way I got to see other teams and uniforms since we didn't have cable.
  10. I'll take care of that. I'll compare the Flyers orange to pumpkins, steer the conversation to halloween, then segue to WCW Halloween Havoc, then the next two pages will naturally be about wrestling. Would have happened eventually anyway.
  11. Not sure about this one. The Browns change has been a discussion since 2017. Any megathread is eventually going to start getting dominated by certain teams, and it's lousy to want to talk about the Browns, but there's 5 pages of the Titans in between every Browns comment, but they're not split because we're still a year or so from the unveiling. Short answer - there's no perfect way to handle it. Common sense should win out, but ultimately there's going to be someone that's unhappy with whatever decision is made. Final comments* before this locks: 1) I hope this was a genuine request for feedback, and not simply a heads up veiled as a discussion. If so, and if the discussion was actually read by the decision makers, then awesome, even if the suggestions aren't adopted. This is how it should be. 2) Whatever decision is made, splitting discussions between forums isn't the right choice. 2.a) There's no need for both forums, but if they stay separated, then team discussions shouldn't span. 3) Once threads start to get out of hand (to the point where it's "too much trouble to split"), which is inevitable, common sense should say that someone (pref a mod) would just know when to create a new thread for a team, and if previous comments get lost because of the work involved in splitting? So what. Nobody is saying anything so profound that it's a big loss. It's a sports logos forum, where we moan and complain about contrast stitching, piping, and get fired up over gray facemasks. Let's not over complicate or over legislate it. If I wake up at 3AM with a dying need to express how I feel about the connected line in the webbing of the new BiG, I just want to go do it. *maybe.., depends on when it locks.
  12. I think it is supposed to be a little tan-ish. That patch looks 100x worse than I originally thought. It's one thing if it's a logo, like the dumb LA, but to simply say "Los Angeles Rams" makes it look like a label that's supposed to be removed. It's insulting to have to have the name like that, and having it on a white patch like that kinda ruins the fashion aspect of it.
  13. Do you have sources for these claims?
  14. What's funny is that I think it has darkened a little bit, but I'm not going to do the research to back that up. When they first went back to the throwback design, they were almost fluorescent yellow. I hated seeing people in the replicas, because they were practically highlighter light. It seems like it's been darkened some, but colorwerx or whoever has the codes could confirm. Still could go darker though. EDIT - The second to last one here is from 2011, and the last one is from this season, so maybe the orange hasn't darkened after all.
  15. Doesn't this illustrate the point though? We have a thread, where the sources are kinda similar, but under the new rules would be split into multiple threads that are in two different forums. Doesn't that just sound needlessly complicated, and won't people just make them in the wrong place anyway? As it stands, we're going to have a megathread that includes legit (Mavs) and speculative (everything else) until (at least) something is actually unveiled, which wouldn't be until sometime before the season, so who knows when? And since we're potentially going to be talking about a lot of teams (assuming that there's legit confirms at some point), we're going to have the exact issue that the megathread policy is supposed to avoid, no? And if it's "a fair bit of work right now to split that up", so it just stands, wouldn't future ones also be "a fair bit of work" to split, and just stand too?
  16. So how would this be handled? Already have confirmations for a couple of teams, but just lots of league-wide rumors. The megathread was presumably created by a mod while the proposal to end megathreads is in flight, and was based on a change to a ball. I don't really care, other than I hate megathreads, just pointing it out.
  17. White pants should never be worn with a silver helmet. It's easy to make pants magically appear at any time, so I wouldn't bet any money that they don't have a second set that we either just haven't seen,, or will be unveiled during the season. I think we need more of a 'wait and see' mentality with this off season than any other, so... let's wait and see.
  18. I don't blame a guy for not anticipating a 100% cessation of revenue while still owing 100% of his expenses. There's no 5-year business plan that accounts for that. It's a little like saying that it's my friend's fault that she took on a ton of debt to open a salon literally two weeks before the shut down, and is likely looking at filing for protection herself. Obviously Vince's financing model was significantly more complex and subject to more risk than simply getting a business loan. I do blame him for around a million other things, and there may have been some shady financing and overcommitments, but I'm not sure how many of the facts have been released.
  19. So people are "proud" of an area code that they don't even have? Philadelphia's long standing land line area code was 215. For decades, if you lived in the area, you had a 215 area code. Then that got reduced to just city proper, and they started rolling out new ones for the suburbs. Now the city itself has three area codes, and if you move here, you aren't getting a 215. I do occasionally see shirts or caps that say "215" on them, and I laugh because it's very likely that the wearer has a 267 or 610 or 484 area code - or whatever one they had from where they moved from, since they have no regional significance anymore. So yeah, I think it's silly. Sillier than the ATL thing, since at least that's always going to be accurate, and a reasonable person should know what it means.
  20. It's so frustrating that they use #11 for everything on that site. It's only half the reference it should be, because it doesn't give you any sense for the number font, which is a big part of the uniform.
  21. The biggest disadvantage is that half your workforce is exposed to a virus and could contribute to the spread of a virus that a certain percentage of our population simply refuses to believe even exists unless they're told by jesus himself or some other non-scientific source. Seems like a high-risk low-reward proposition. Let's stop overcomplicating sports. Just play. It's more fun that way.
  22. That's... it? Pretty silly for tons of reasons, but also because it's 2020 and area codes don't really mean anything to anyone. It's not like you even know anyone's number, and if it's a cell phone, it could have any area code. By that logic, let's find Philadelphia's Drake nickname: The city uses two 215, 267, so I guess that makes us the 2? But Wikipedia says that 445 also overlays those, so that shoots that to hell. 484 and 610 are the immediate suburbs, so wouldn't want to leave them out. So by my calculations, 215*267*445/(484+610) = stupid.
  23. I guess they would need a plan for the lottery before teams signed off on the insta-playoff plan. I think you just have to go by the standings without a lottery (since it's actually probably the most pure it could be right now since the hardcore season-ending tanking didn't get to happen) or keep the lottery and do it like normal. If you come back, you may have lousy teams that are good because guys had months to heal from injuries, and the integrity of the whole thing is messed up. Or teams that know they have nothing to play for are really going to tank and not put anyone with any value at risk. This is exactly why we need robots that can take the place of players if / when this ever happens again. Something like Cylon skinjobs, or the synths from Picard. Indistinguishable from their human model, but immune to biological disease. Let the synths practice so that they learn and develop skills like their human model, but make sure that they can't alter their own programming and become either super skilled, or murdering machines that turn against their creators and slaughter humanity.
  24. Based on that image, it's one decal, that is transparent where the segments are. I thought it was maybe multiple decals. It looks bad where the transparent part goes over the vent hole, and the front yellow part seems not to have been applied very well.
  25. Remind me why Toronto is called the 6? Also, will they be called the Toronto 5 when killing a penalty? Or will we hear "Penalty on the Toronto 7 for too many women on the ice". Someone needs to come up with some way to do a canadian sports team logo without forcing a leaf in there. Why is that necessary? The only major example I can think of that skipped the leaf was the Expos.