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Columbus Blue Jackets Alternate


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I have a feeling that this design was probably already thought of, but whatever, here goes nothing. This is a concept for the Columbus Blue Jackets. Made a few small changes. First, I based the jersey striping off of a Sergeant in the Union Army, as pictured below:


I also eliminated vintage white, as I never thought it messed well with the light blue of the real uniforms used by the Blue Jackets. I also got rid of the star in the cannon logo, bumped it up to the shoulder, and replaced the star in the logo with the outline of Ohio. I will admit, it definitely has a Winnipeg Jets-feel to it, but whatever. I thought it came out ok. With that said, here's the concept:


C&C welcome.

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The jersey looks great. Love the angled sleeves and it was a wise choice to ditch the vintage white. What I'm not feeling however, is that logo. It wasn't very original when it was released and I feel it doesn't do your concept justice.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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