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So I had an idea the other day about making an international baseball league. I'm thinking 8 regions: USA, Canada, Central America/Caribbean, Asia, South America, Europe, Australia/Oceania and Africa. All logos will be original, but since I don't have illustrator, my logos will be fairly primative, but I will do the best I can. I'm going to try and stay away from cities with a mlb team in them. I'm thinking 8 per region, but I could expand if I need to. I don't have many names/city ideas yet, so i'm open to any suggestions (i'd like to start with the US league, so if anybody has ideas for names, i'd prefer you keep it in the US for now). Without further ado, here is the league logo. C&C very much appreciated.


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If you did Maine you could do Vampires or something "scary" as a tribute to Stephen King who is from Portland, ME, but then there is the problem that you already have a Portland in Oregon.

I could change portland storm to Oregon Storm... And do Portland(ME) Phantoms/Specters

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Hi, I have some gifts! First up, some unseen problems, and how to fix them.

Summer vs. Winter

In the northern hemisphere, where you and me are, and also where most people are, when it's summer, it's winter in the southern hemisphere, so I suggest a season that is approximately the MLB season, and indoor fields in the south.

Low crowds

In small cities, there aren't enough fans to keep the franchise alive, so move some teams, like the Wichita Aeros to, say, Topeka, or the Odessa Oilers to San Antonio, or Dallas?


Oregon Storm, when said the way that people usually do, sounds like Organ Storm, which doen't sound quite like people would want, so the franchise would flop. So I think we should reconsider Portland (ME).

Travel costs

You need lots of fans to support the association. Try having the playoffs (You've gotta have playoffs) all in one place. Then, the costs are high, but not too high. And inter-division play can wait.

I've also got two logo ideas for the Fresno team! But you'll have to work everything else out yourself, because I've got even worse equipment than you. :) You can also make them better, because they aren't too good. All I need is for you to tell me how to add them from my computer because I'm new and the site instructions aren't helping me. Thanks!

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