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I know there have been a few of these Miami mls concepts. So here is my contribution to it. Got to say I saw a concept by Diego Guevara on Thee Blog and I used it to help inspire me. I thought the name inter miami fc was great so I kept it, I also thought Tesla was a sweet advert so I kept it but those are his original ideas. (want to make sure I cover myself) I tweaked his colors, created my own logo and kits C&C welcomed. Please for comments could you give some reasoning behind your comment no matter what it is. thanks

Logo- oval bage with white stripe in the middle/ sun logo at the top/ Crossing lines across soccerball (miami county flag) Colors (ocean, and colors from miami county flag)

Home kit dark blue green with horizontal teal stripe and positive/negative sunburst

Away kit- teal and white wave gradient

Third kit- white kit three horizontal hoops sublimated
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I like the kits a lot. Nice job with those. Although, I would keep the nameplate and number the same color (dark green) on the Away kit.

I like the badge, too, but it could use a little more balance from top to bottom; it looks off-center. Maybe get rid of "FC" and move the ball up. You, then, could bump up the size of "2017." Also, bring in the bottom of the lines around the ball to be even with the top of the lines.

I would address the badge colors. Alone, it is presented with a dark green border, but on the kits, it has a white border. I would suggest either going one-color on the kits, or leave it full-color and give the entire badge a heavy white outline (instead of changing the original color).

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I like the idea of your branding. I myself have thought that a reference to Miami as an international city and a hub for the Caribbean region is a smart way to go. There is some tension in your badge, in that it's almost a circle but not quite. Better to either go with a circle or a more elongated oval. I'm also not feeling the palette--three colors that, on a color wheel, would all be pretty close to each other. I'd heighten the contrast and/or switch out one color for its opposite.

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I actually love your color scheme here. Though I think you could eliminate one of the shades of green if you wanted to simplify. I do agree with the others that the logo could use some work.

I think the third kit is the strongest, though I'd tweak it a bit to fix centering issues on the nameplate and the sponsor logo. I like how the fade looks on the away, but I can't get past the fact that it's a recolor of the new US kit. The home is too cluttered for my liking.

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OK i made some changes.

Logo- Circle, no FC, kept the old logo for comparison

On the kits the logo has a white circle behind it so I don't have to change the colors of the logo

made the tesla logo bigger and repositioned it

away kit- made name and number same color

I just edited the original post so look there for the update

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