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DIEBOLT'S 2015 NBA Concepts (ATL + MIA Posted)


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What's up guys. Finally decided to do my own uniform concepts. I'm planning on doing a set for every team but I don't know how often I'll post due to other things going on that come first. Regardless, I should be doing a set whenever I can. I've had some ideas and the itch to do this for a while.

Anyways, first up is Atlanta. I love their potential for awesome uniforms as soon as next year (personally I wanna see that charcoal court but IDK if that'll actually happen.)

The home/away unis are pretty straight forward. There are wings on on three uniforms on the sides and I intend for them to be the shiny material like the Hornets currently use on the side of their shorts. Going for an Oregon football vibe I guess.

The alts are pretty...weird. ATLANTA across the crotch area in the same shiny material I just mentioned. Not sure how people will feel about these but oh well.

Let me know what you think! (And if anyone wants me to do a specific team next please lmk)



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The writing across the crotch isn't uncommon in fashion today. I figured some people wouldn't like it here but thats the fun of a concept on a message board.


Another concept I found (ignore the mask) using the crotch area writing. I think it looks cool personally although I doubt we'll ever see it done in the NBA.


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