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Shaq in Black


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The Lakers still have Kopbe and got enough out of the Shaq trade to make the playoffs, whether they get very far into the playoffs is a whole other question- but just at the moment I wouldn't strike them off my championship contenders list. (Unless Kobe goes down!)

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I would

The T-Wolves, Spurs, Kings, and Rockets are all mile sahead of the Lakers.

I also think the Nuggets, and Mavs are on the same level so they will be fighting it out for the 6th or 7th seed.

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Tank, me and you are always on opposite sides of these NBA discussions and once again, I can't even see where you're coming from on this one.

You think the Nuggets will be in a position where they will be fighting for 6th or 7th?

The Nuggets have the best front court in the NBA with Carmelo, K-Mart, Marcus Camby, Nene, and Skita averaging 26.5 in the summer leagues and lookin like he may finally be getting his feet quick enough to compete witht he big boys.

Then the Nuggets have Voshon Lenard who proved lethal (Or would have had anyone other than him and Camby played worth a ****) in the playoffs and I believe lead the league in 3's per 48 minutes and won the 3 point contest, and Andre Miller who should have been an All-Star. Then, coming off of the bench you have a guy that only 2 players in the NBA are quick enough to keep up with and he has the ability to practically score at will. Now, that is a lot of talent and I'm not even yet factoring in that the Nuggets, for the past 2 years, have been THE hardest working team in the league, and are head and shoulders above any other in that category (even when they were only winning 17 games, they still outworked their opponents).

And that's not even factoring in that the Nuggets have the single greatest home court advantage in the league and that there's not one team in the league that can run with the Nuggets in Denver.

Also -- The Rockets gave up 2 all-star caliber players for Tracy McGrady and some other crappy players. Are the Rockets really THAT much better than they were last year?

And what have the Kings done to make themselves so much better? They'll choke in the playoffs as always, so i wouldn't quite say they're very far away from the Lakers.

The Lakers have a good line-up, and to say they will have a miserable season will be about as big of an error as you having predicted them to sweep the Finals.

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The Nuggets may be a 5th seed, but the Rockets Spurs T-Wolves and Kings are better.

I think in fact the Nuggets will be better then the Lakers.

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