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Before the US Men's National Team match against Guatemala, I was talking to some buddies at a tailgate about the best kits the US has worn and what they could do to improve, especially in regard to the white kit the Women's team wore through the entire World Cup. One conclusion we reached, as annoying as it may seem, was that the best and most popular kits for the US, and the ones that captured most of America's attention, were the ones that pandered the most. After having this conversation, I had a few ideas for kits and, after making them for this group of friends, that I would share them with people who know what they're doing.

The best kit that we as a group agreed on, both with and without pandering, was the Where's Waldo/Stripes from the flag kit worn in 2012. It was popular with the average American because they saw the flag in it. Soccer fans, myself included, generally liked it because of the excellent use of hoops. I pretty much just remade this whole kit, with some slight changes. I updated the NOB font to the current font and used a similar font, just with the inline, for the number. I decided not to put a number on the front simply because I thought it looked smoother and I feel like it just made it too busy.


The other kit design is completely new. With the recent Women's white kit that lacked any Red or Blue, we discussed what designs we could use that might not have any red or blue in it, and we decided on a Don't Tread On Me Kit. I believe in the 2010 World Cup, Nike created a Don't Tread On Me US Soccer logo, and I have always felt like it's underused. For this kit, I based it off of the flag itself. I put the snake logo as a sweatback design, which may not be traditional but I thought it was a nice touch. I also outlined it in yellow and put it on the shorts. I have also given the torso of the jersey a snakeskin pattern, once again referencing the snake on the flag itself. I feel like there's something missing, and I'd like to think of a patch to put on the shoulders there, but still.


I am working on a white kit, but I figured I'd share these two before I finish that. Any and all C&C is greatly appreciated! Thanks guys.

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That first kit is absolutely gorgeous. I would add a front # though like others said, and I also really like the idea behind that yellow jersey, good work! Excited to see what you come up with for the white kit, although I would've gone with navy.

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Maybe add a front number on the yellow kit. Otherwise, it just feels too empty.

Agreed. Maybe do this on both.

The waldo and the bomb pops are my two favorite

The Bomb Pops were great. Maybe do a kit based off them.

The yellow is interesting. When you mentioned a yellow kit, I wasn't thrilled, but this turned out good.

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After some thought, I figured my best bet for a white uniform in this series is an all white version of the Where's Waldo uniform. It is essentially the same look as the red and white hoops, but all white, and I have thrown the hoops onto the socks. I know it isn't super original, but I felt it was a good look.


I have a blue uniform, another white, and maybe one more red look in the works to complete this series off. I know it is not the most original series, but it's what has been on my mind and I'd love to get some feedback on my thought process. C&C appreciated!! Thanks guys.

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