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Feeling Nostalgic..Cleaning out my photobucket.


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Hey all,

Just going thru my PB account and looking at some old stuff I cobbled together years ago - Since I don't really do any type of design anymore, I thought I'd post a couple oldies just for kicks, I think there's a couple that never made it here in the first place.. feedback always welcome, who knows I might even revisit some of these w/ improvements in mind...

First, a couple of WHL tweak pieces..

Kootenay: I have always hated the mix of yeti/stick/mountain/text in their actual logo, looks like it was 3 different clipart pcs. slammed together. Simplified the design, smoothed out the colour palette...


Kelowna: The current logo has been recycled so many times, and yet the theme works for Kelowna. Smoothed out the Ogopogo and wiped that toothless grin off his face... other than that, again tweaks.


This Flyers abstract is actually something I did up for mask art. I have always liked it visually, but I dont know that it ever works as an actual team mark..


To finish up hockey, I'll leave you with an old Thrashers concept... not much good now, but whatever!!!



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I did this update for the BC Lions a few years ago just cause I hate the dated piece they use now...


Threw this Buffalo Bisons logo concept together when the jays announced their affiliation... never progressed beyond a primary, but I really wanted the rebrand to go in this direction... of course it didn't.


I may post some of the fantasy stuff later, but I've probably bored ya'll enough fo now!!!

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