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Arizona United FC (Uniforms/Crest Edited) Hand-Drawn


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Hello Everyone. Today i got bored, so i decided to design a fictional MLS team in Phoenix, Arizona. The team is called Arizona United FC, or simply Arizona United. American Airlines sponsors the team.

First, the team's stadium, American Airlines Park


And next, the uniforms:


This is my first soccer concept, so feedback is appreciated.

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I think the clash kit should be the primary, and would love to see you mix in some copper into the alternate kit. As for the stadium rendering, that's not the best work. I would also imagine an MLS team in Phoenix would just play at University of Phoenix Stadium. No way they would put them outside in the hot summer months.

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It's been a while since I last saw you around!

My only real concern about Arizona is that the clash jersey is way too close to the home jersey. Maybe something blue can better clash with the red/yellow hoops of the home.

I agree with this. They are way too similar. Maybe experiment with blue and yellow stripes, or just a plain blue or orange kit. Could be cool.

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