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NBA All Star 2006 Concept


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i dont think the logo has ever said ALLSTAR * GAME

unless thats your opinion for what it should be.

there's no set format for the NBA all star logo. it changes up every year almost. those are from the past 4 years.

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why is the all star game gonna be in the west for 3 years in a row?

(LA 04, Denver 05, Houston 06)? I think they should alternate west and east every year. My prediction is that the Bobcats will host the all star game in 2007, i read somewhere that as soon as the new Bobcats arena is built they'll have all star weekend there. And that's the next time the event will come to the east i think.

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Is the star bleeding for a reason?

Is the Rockets "R" logo bleeding for a reason? Its not bleeding "its blasting off"...according to the designers of the Rockets logo. So i went with that. Just like the NBA All Star Denver 2005 logo is a play off of the Nuggets original logo. So instead of an R blasting off through a hoop, its a star.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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