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Horns Up: A Chicago Bulls Rebrand


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I was playing around with Greek mythology and thought about making teams off of their symbols (e.g. Athena Owls, Zeus Eagles) and decided to go with Bulls for Poseidon. Since he's my favorite, I made them first. After a while I decided to shove that off and use the logo for a Bulls golden anniversary rebrand.


Non-Behance bonusarrow-10x10.png:


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Yeah, everyone else has kind of said it, it looks like a red solo cup. The horns especially need a lot of detail. On the uniforms, My big thing is that things aren't centered. Your bull logo on the shorts side detail is off to the left, and with how small the "Chicago" is on the Christmas-style uniforms, it looks a little odd to not see it centered, since it leaves a lot of empty space on the right side of the front. My last note, if you have grey in the logo, you need to incorporate it into the uniforms. You very rarely see such a prominent color in a logo and not see it used by the team at all. Overall, you've got a solid foundation to build on and a good idea so far, just keep working on it and it should turn out pretty good.

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