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Portland Steel Identity Update


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Hola everyone! I've been roaming around the Creamer boards for a little bit to see all the great concepts that everyone is putting out. I thought I'd get in on the action around here and post my first ever concept here on the Creamer boards.


I decided to update the Portland Steel AFL team brand and overall design aesthetic. I wasn't too keen on the logo they unveiled a few months ago and thought that it could use some work. I ditched the knight icon for something a bit more appropriate, using instead an actual steel working illustration. I did however like the original colors so I didn't deviate far from that combo.


Anywho, comments are welcomed and appreciated. If you'd like to see more goodies from this project, check out the full presentation HERE




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58 minutes ago, Zeus89725 said:

Really nice all around. Normally I'd hound you on the gradient, but I feel like it really works here. Good job!


Thanks man! The gradient is actually supposed to represent a shiny fabric material to emulate metal. I should have elaborated on that a bit more in the presentation as it does look like just a gradient haha

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