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Brass's NBA x-Over Project


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Well I was bored and thought that a cross-over project for myself would be fun and I wanted to share some of the concepts. I will make alternates once all the home and away concepts are done.

My main goal was to use the basketball team's logo(s) and colors, but use a hockey team template by an NHL team that was in the same city or close to the NBA team. Here's what I have so far:

Atlanta Hawks: Home & Away Alternate

Boston Celtics: Home & Away Alternate

Chicago Bulls: Home & Away Alternate

Dallas Mavericks: Home & Away* Alternate

Denver Nuggets: Home & Away

Detroit Pistons: Home & Away**

Los Angeles Clippers: Home & Away

Los Angeles Lakers: Home & Away

Memphis Grizzlies: Home & Away Alternate

Miami Heat: Home & Away

Minnesota TimberWolves: Home & Away

New Jersey Nets: Home & Away

New York Knicks: Home & Away

Orlando Magic: Home & Away

Philadelphia 76ers: Home & Away

Phoenix Suns: Home & Away

Toronto Raptors: Home & Away

Washington Wizards: Home & Away

*=The current Stars jerseys didn't look good on the Mavs, so I used the older ones.

**=Yes, I know blah, but it's the Red Wings....what are my options

There are plenty more to come so hang tight. I hope you all enjoy them. All of them were done in MS Paint.

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Thanks for the kind words guys. I just added the Wizards, the final team in the bunch. I will now be working on alternates. After that, I may use vintage basketball logos and colors, on vintage hockey jersey styles....

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Hey guys, due to an error on my comp, I lost EVERY SINGLE jersey that I made. I plan to copy and paste these however and put them back into MS Paint. Look for more alternates soon.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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