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2 hours ago, slapshot said:

Is there any connection to the pyramid and the name Xenon?

Well Xenon is like a gas so no, I just drew it one day and was too intrigued not to use it.


12 minutes ago, Morgo said:

The new version is worlds better.  Simple but effective.  Have you thought about doing a version with a word mark under it?

I haven't thought about that until now! I'll see what i can come up with

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The pyramid by itself is ok on its own, although the gap between the two shapes seems a bit too wide.


But it's tough to have a more thorough critique since there's no real connection between the pyramid and your name. It exists in a vacuum. Unlike initials, or an obvious symbol that plays off a name, an image like this that doesn't seem to reflect or represent the name can come across as a weak design, no matter how expertly crafted it may be. You'll see that in the industry a lot, where there's a lot of "design-speak" gibberish written to explain the imagery associated with an identity, and most people will see right through the BS and be confused about its meaning.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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