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NFL Color Rush Redesigns

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If your like me you probably thought the color rush was "okay" ,but for most teams nike could have done better so this is supposed to be a series where I will try to either:

A ) give teams who didn't get a real "color rush" jersey an actual one. (ex, teams with white or black unless black is their actual team color like the saints or steelers)

B ) give teams an actual new uniform (ex: Eagles, 49ers, etc.)

C ) give teams an away one for teams who wont wear their actual ones this year(ex: Falcons, Texans, etc)

D ) give teams who have horrible ones *Cough Redskins *Cough ones that are at least bearable.

I will also be following all the current color rush rules so that mean no different colored helmets.

now given all those rules I will still probably end up doing all the teams


First of is the Eagles:


Philadelphia Eagles:

I went with a faux-back look with their old 70s and early 80s jerseys but switched the kelly green with midnight in order for it to match with the helmet.


eagles color rush.png

I love this look honestly and would be very happy if the Eagles went with this in real live. would also look really good against the Giants this year.


eagles away color rush.png

I don"t know why I made an all white look but it does look good except it looks like the packers color rush with grey instead of yellow.


I dont know who im going to do next so if you want me to do someone just ask.


Also big thanks to @bigmike for letting me use his template.


P.s.(this is most likely going to be a series but due to limited time i have at the moment i wouldn't expect these to come out every day)

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