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Let's make a logolympiad portfolio (Event 4 Updated; Event 8 Added) C&C Wanted/Needed/Appreciated/Begged For


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I'm looking to showcase my Logolympiad entries and hopefully garner some constructive criticism to improve both my designs and my work.  So, I'll submit here my entry after the voting for each event closes and maybe provide some context for the design if needed.  So here's event 1:


Anniversary Patch

Being from Minnesota, I knew exactly what anniversary I wanted to celebrate.  I love using states for logos, so I modified the logo from a previous concept and fashioned a pennant in the northern part of the state.  The shape of the state allowed me to fit it in (I thought) pretty easily, and winning a pennant is obviously a prominent symbol of a successful season.  From there, I took the Twins logo and the script from the 1991 World Series logo and placed them in the banner.  Looking back, I probably didn't need the Twins logo there, as it probably just cluttered up the anniversary patch.  Oh well, live and learn.  On the bottom half of the state, I placed the two years required for the anniversary patch.  I probably should have kept them on the same line because this makes it look like the Twins won the World Series in 1991 and 2016 (lol no), but it looked really empty down there otherwise.  Even with these identified flaws, I still received enough votes to finish 10th in the event (thanks for everyone who voted for me).  If anyone wants to toss me some C&C, I would greatly appreciate it. 



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The reasons I didn't vote for this was:
1) The years at the bottom, I'd have made them a bit smaller and worked in the fact it was the 25th Anniversary

2) I, personally, wasn't a fan of the font used for "World Series", as I felt it was a pretty drastic difference from the Twins logo itself.

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3 minutes ago, Dan O'Mac said:

2) I, personally, wasn't a fan of the font used for "World Series", as I felt it was a pretty drastic difference from the Twins logo itself.

The World Series script is actually directly taken from the logo for that year, so I don't have a problem with the font itself. I do agree, however, that it clashes with the Twins script and the numbers, and because of that, it sort of felt thrown together. The pennant inside the state outline was genius, though.

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Thanks for the comments everybody.  I got rid of the Twins logo, skewed the World Series script so it would fit better on the pennant, and added 25th Anniversary to the bottom.  The following logo reflects those changes: 


And now that the second event has concluded, I will add my artwork from that event as well. 



For this event, we were tasked to come up with a wordmark for a team called the Omaha Brewers, using all four of the colors in the logo.  I'll admit I was stuck on this one for quite awhile, and almost didn't submit anything.  But I hammered away for a couple of hours on Thursday afternoon between classes, drawing inspiration from the barrel doubling as an O in the logo.  From there, I thought to give all the letters a similar treatment of flattened tops.  For the base font, I went with Western Washington's font, which I then straightened out and removed the spikes.  To complete the wordmark, I added the wheat stalks from the logo. 


The S was made of parts from the M and R, as I wasn't fond of how square the original was, and that may have made it look a little strange.  The wheat stalks were traced from the logo, so my linework there is a little flawed.  The letters in Brewers, also, look a little too spread out.  All in all, however, I don't think this was a bad wordmark.  It just ran into some very solid competition. 


I would appreciate to hear any comments you may have on these two entries.  Also, I couldn't find the time to complete an entry for Event 3, so don't expect anything from me on that front; suffice to say, it would have looked like Entry 13, but a lot crappier. 

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Well, I guess I will add my submission for Event 4, though I don't know why because no one is providing me with any C&C.  But whatever, here it is: 



I must say, I really enjoyed doing this one.  Participants were tasked with converting an MLS team into a hockey team.  Though I admittedly know very little about hockey aesthetics, I felt like I had a good plan going in.  I selected Minnesota United FC mainly because it was the team I had the most potential ideas for.  I took the team's main crest and extended the light blue stripe into a sash on the front of the uniform.  The arm stripes were similarly diagonal and in light blue.  I also went with a somewhat out-of-the-box idea for the pants, using the loon's wing on one side like the soccer team does on their home uniforms to create an asymmetrical look.  I originally had the pants and jersey the dark gray used on the home uniforms, but I realized this would disqualify me from the event because I would have added a color not in their crest.  As a result, I went with black pants and put an outline around the loon's wing.  The rest is pretty self-explanatory, with the white jersey following the pattern of the home:


More school stuff impedes me now, so I unfortunately could not submit anything for Event 5 and likely will not have time for Events 6 and 7.  Hoping to add a couple more events in this portfolio, so look out for 8, 9, and 10.  Or don't.  Your choice.  Now come at me with some C&C if you don't mind. 

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A couple of quick options to add more black: 


I'm not sure I like either of these more than the original white jersey, but it's something to look at. 


And though I don't have any entries for the final two events, I was able to scrape something together for Event 8!


It's pretty self-explanatory here.  Saint Louis was a king, and the Apotheosis of Saint Louis statue was the inspiration for my primary logo.  I selected crimson, gray, and black as I feel crimson is underutilized in the NFL.  I didn't have a whole lot of time to throw this together, so I didn't give a whole lot of thought to striping or anything.  As a result, it looks pretty bare, and this is probably my least favorite entry into the Olympiad.  Despite this, it received three silver medal votes and was my most successful entry from a rankings standpoint.  Just goes to show you can never tell. 


Like I said before, I don't have anything for Events 9 or 10 so this will be my last original entry in this post.  I'm thinking of doing a series based on Event 9, however, so let me know how you feel about that and maybe keep an eye out for it.  If I get some more C&C here as well I'll probably do some updates.  So TTFN, leave some C&C if you feel compelled to do so. 

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On ‎11‎/‎18‎/‎2016 at 7:35 AM, ahowe6464 said:

I liked this set, but I don't think I voted for it because of the over-simplicity. Also, black could have been included more.


Thanks for the reply, and I agree; it was WAY too simple.  No stripes, nothing particularly creative.  Also, could I have used black?  Yeah, but I was trying to minimalize it because a lot of NFL teams (probably too many) use either black or a navy blue.  Actually putting some stripes on the uniform could have given me some more opportunities to use black sparingly, so I think the over-simplicity fits into this problem. 

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