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Washington senators revisited


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Here are my new Washington Senators baseball concepts.  The cursive W is now white with red outline on blue backround instead of traditional white-blue- on red.  The only reason I did this is because I didn't want to make the star on the game hats red with blue backround.  You'll see.  Also, I was originally going to make the alt. to resemble the 1944 Cardinals, but then I decided to make it more 1970's Mets.  I don't think it's too wierd.  The logo in the bottom right on the logo page is an unused logo.  Thanks to CC, BDugan, Snowcap.  Comments are always welcomed.  

The uniform page has little gray lines in the empty space, but I'm too lazy right now to take the unis off my site and edit it.  It doesn't affect the unis themselves.

Senators logos

Senators Uniforms

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Two main logos have been added.  Scroll down to the bottom of the linked page to see them.  

In the circular script one, I put each letter in individually and rotated them to get the angle right, so if a letter or two is a little off, I know.


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