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Mariners, white sox, and cubs consepts


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There's enough red white and blue in MLB, the Mariners don't need to switch. That being said, it doesn't look too bad, and you did a good job replacing the teal.

I don't see the need for red in the White Sox colour scheme.

And the Cubs look you did, well, as far as I can tell, it's been done. Maybe not exactly the way you've done it, but I'm sure there's been darkened blue concepts and pinstripeless Cubs concepts around here before.

Good work, otherwise. And get yourself an Angelfire site, I hate those Photo Albums. Angelfire now allows remote linking too.

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Wow Hbomb90 you sure do love red don't ya! Unfortunately, I don't think it looks good with the Sox or Mariners unis, nice try though. On the Cubs one, I couldn't really see a difference except for the absense of the pinstripes.
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