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Help with MY logo


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Guys, I'm retooling my logo to a simpler crisp look. However, I can't figure it out.

Below are logos I used and the moon that is currently being considered. Suggestions are needed. Ideas welcomed.

Puckguy logo 1999-2003


Puckguy logo 2003-Pres.


Puckguy logo proposed with an identity crisis. :P


The colors are accurate, the star is there as well. I have this as an idea. However, I do like taking a page out of Nitro's idea and the Sharks fin logo with a wave at the bottom, with a moon and star on top with a "Shark fin" hidden somewhere.


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It's not for the sake of changing, Just trying to simplify it, however, its WAY too plain. So I'm trying to get a brainstorm of ideas to spice it up, but not too spicy. Ya know, kick it up a notch, BAM! :D

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The thing is, the current version isn't exactly what I'd call complex, save the outlining around the moon. I don't think you have a need to simplify it--it's, dare I say, perfect.

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