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Custom NCAA Courts


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My friends and I have been making basketball courts for the NCAA in the past few weeks and I have decided to post mine now. If you have any requests let me know and i'll make one for you. I hope you enjoy :)






*The Template we use is made by DarthBrooks*





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You're running into the same problem as your friend in terms of the baselines. For example, the UW-Platteville Pioneers one looks good because you used the actual wordmark. But the Central Arkansas one is jarring because the font in which you've written "Bears" along the baseline doesn't match the font in which "BEARS" appears in the centre court logo. Visual identities are all about consistency. Even if the font you use isn't the exact one the university uses but is close in terms of style, the whole court will look much more coherent.


And also, check your spelling on SAN FRANCISCO again.

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