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Fantasy Football Logos/jerseys


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Ok I haven't posted anything until now. I will put a disclaimer on some of the logos on my site:

The logo for the Funkadelic Storm Troopers of Death is probably recognized by most as the logo for the now defunct Rochester Brigade of the AF2, I don't take credit for that one. The person who ownes that team wanted that as his logo, so I wasn't able to customize one for him.

The logo for the Ghost Riders was largely inspired by the owners love of the Lord of the Rings. So you might notice what I mean.

Blitz Fantasy Football League Logos

Blitz Fantasy Football League Jerseys

Blitz Fantasy Football League Draft Logo

Please rate and let me know what you guys think

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how come everything appears stretched?

Because everything is not at the same resolution that they were created at.

And has striking similarities to AF2 and NIFL logos...?

What striking similarities? I already said that one logo was the former Rochester Brigade logo. I have never seen any NIFL logos, and none of the others look the same to me. I created the rest from "scratch", so don't accuse unless you know what you are talking about.

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