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Lightning concept


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I know, it is plain.  I was just goin for not a huge upgrade, because I like there general look, but not the design of the jersey itself.  One of these days I'll try to create a whole new look for the lightning.  However, the black, blue, silver is a great color set.
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It isn't very inspiring. It's not bad or anything, but if you've got an itchin' for replies, this jersey ain't gonna be scratchin'.

It's covered territory. The cut and logo are unoriginal. The colour scheme is great, I agree, but if you want to get noticed, my best suggestion would be to break new ground. However, I applaud your continued efforts, and encourage you to keep posting.

In response to improving this concept, try tinkering with the colour placement (ie. blue and black switch places?), maybe do something creative with the trim (lightning is jagged, perhaps the trim could reflect this?), or, if you're really ambitious (and not afraid to fail), try and become the second person to impress me with a Tampa Bay Lightning concept logo (for the record, Avenger-whatswashisname was the first). The production work on this jersey is fine (though the silver seems to be a little all over the place - look closely), but there aren't any shoulder/sleeve numbers (available thanks to Roger Clemente) or back view of the jersey.

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