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Indianapolis Racers Hockey Concept


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Hey guys here is My Indianapolis Racers Cross-over Jersey ( I have a fantasy football team named the Racers). It also looks cool enough to be a concept for a new Indianapolis Racers Hockey team if the WHA ever runs and expands here (since there was an Indianapolis Racers in the 70's)


Indianapolis Racers Hockey Cross-over Home Jersey


Indianapolis Racers Hockey Cross-over Away Jersey


Indianapolis Racers Hockey Cross-over Alternate Jersey

I know that home jerseys are now the dark ones, I did the white beacuse my football team wears white at home. I also wanted to use all three logos, so the Primary is on the Home, the Secondary is on the Away, and the Tertiary is on the Alternate.

C&C Welcome. Thanks Guys!

EDIT: Added Away and Alternate Jerseys

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never saw that logo after you "fixed" the type around the edge like I suggested. It looks awesome! I love the bottom stripes. Even though its expected, its still really really cool.

Did you ever do a field template for the football team with the Victory Zones???

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Those look awesome. I wouldnt mind learning how to do some of this stuff. What programs would you recommend? I have photoshop and paint but anything I do in photoshop only saves as a psd file and I don't know how to turn it back into a bmp or jpg.

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Image: Image Size: Reduce it to 72 dpi (I'd design at 300 dpi so you have really nice resolution when you reduce it for web)


File: Save for Web: select jpg or gif: Select your file name: Bingo!

Of course the best thing out there for any of it is illustrator. Photoshop is a close second.

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it is at 72 dpi, and i use illustrator, and then import into photoshop at 72 dpi. i just didnt reduce to around 300 x 300 this time. and i always save as a gif. and thanks for the compliments guys i really appreciate them. and for the field with the victory zone, look for it tomorrow, but it wont be whats expected, if ya catch my drift.

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