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What would you do to fix your least fav NBA logo?

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Keep the Thunder's color scheme, and absolutely nothing else from their current identity. New wordmark, new logo, new jerseys. Take what's salvageable (the colors) and just start over from that generic, ill-conceived mess.


For something less radical, I can't say I'm a fan of the Grizzlies' identity right now. I'm actually in a minority in that I hate their two-tone logo, and I also think their uniforms are a few tweaks away from being good. I'd ditch the shadowing effect on the logo, and introduce some white to the logo to offset the two tones of blue and add some life to the logo.


In terms of their jerseys, they have the same problem as their brethren 350 miles south - that wordmark is too damn small for that jersey. Especially the "Grizzlies" wordmark, which just looks shrunken down and nearly invisible. And why have one arched wordmark (which should allow them to make the wordmark bigger, FWIW) and two straight wordmarks? And why introduce yellow trim on one jersey but not the two others?


I'd use an arched wordmark that's enlarged (mostly by elongating the letters vertically), and then introduce either more yellow or more white into those jerseys in order to offset the unrelenting blue. On the two blue uniforms, either make the center stripe in the wordmark and letters white, or make it yellow (I'd prefer white, personally, and to jettison the yellow). And throw some white or yellow trim on the collar and side panels (much as the light blue jersey already has). The two-tone blue can work with a lighter color (preferably a neutral, like white) to offset it, but I really don't care for it without any neutral color.



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