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Las Vegas MLS Concept


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Had this one swimming in my head for a few years now, just now got around to bringing it to life...




The Atomic City has made a strong case for an MLS team as of late, and I do feel like the league could use some presence in the Southwest. Mostly self explanatory, I would think, but questions, comments, and feedback is welcome.

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Guest darkpiranha

Great concept. The 5 and 6 dice make total sense, but I can't help seeing that the 6, by itself, looks like an 11. 

What if instead of two dice, you show two faces of a 3D-ish die, with 5 on one face and 6 on the other.  If you make the 6 the more front-facing side, it'll give it a bit more prominence and maybe give the feel of it being an 11.  Kind of like this, but angled to where you don't see the top of the die.  https://www.dkgameroomoutlet.com/16mm-rounded-corner-blue-dice

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1 hour ago, NicDB said:

I like the general idea, but that font is way too amatuerish and the green table background clashes too much with the chip/roundel.

Also, since it's Vegas, I'd consider experimenting with neon colors. 


Agreed. I'd try to reduce the number of colors. Maybe try a red/white chip instead of a purple/black chip. 

I think you could go with a single die like this, but replace the 3 side with an LV monogram. 



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