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Nfl drafy day jersey


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Although this might raise a very sore subject on this board, this would have made a good entry in the Seattle T-Birds' design-a-jersey contest.  Just swap the Seahawk for the T-Bird crest.  

Nice work.

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Seattle T-Birds' design-a-jersey contest

Never say those words again  :D

I like it alot. It isn't too busy, but not too plain, and it uses the Seahawks colors very well.

Now SHB, the X-Over King, must grade your work  :;):

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I see they used my playoff logo on their website, with some modifications. :cool:

Mr. Big Shot, eh?  :D

I forgot about the playoff logo they asked the board to do. We should thank them for not telling us. Give em a prize.

Thats a really nice logo Mockba.

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so now I get to grade it?  :laugh:

ok, its good. Cant say its great simply because of the wavy striping though. just not my thing thats all. I give it a B+ (since THE WIERD ONE wanted a grade! :P )

I allready posted my seahawks hockey x-over concept on the other thread. I stuck to a more conservative look.

I do agree with yhollander that it would make a great T-birds jersey though

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