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Weird Camera Location


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The Germany/Sweden game is on ESPN right now, and as I'm watching I keep thinking "The glass is missing on this side of the ice." Then I realized, the camera is on the same side of the ice as the player benches are.

I can't remember last time I saw this. Anybody else?




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Rexall Place in Edmonton is the only rink in the NHL where the camera locations are behind the players' benches. Then again, this Germany/Sweden game is somewhere in Europe, so it's not NHL. But Rexall Place was likely the last place you got this point-of-view for a hockey game.

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There are 2 camera angles ESPN uses that I can't stand.

The behind the net on top of the glass, and the one that moves up and down the ice about the same height...

plyaer skate by and you feel like you have to twist your neck 160 degrees.

Good thing FOX is out of hockeym, they would have probably put one IN the puck

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