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SSmith48's NFL Redesign: (20/32 - Jacksonville Jaguars)


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11 hours ago, SSmith48 said:

I appreciate the kind words!


Now it's time for a team where every concept that has been done lately features some sort of color-rush throwback inspired design:


Team 19: Denver Broncos

I would be lying if I didn't say that I wish the Broncos would transition into a version of their current color rush set (sans orange pants) for a uniform redesign. Considering how popular a concept this is though, I needed to find a way to add some originality. The striping color is tweaked a bit and is now put into a chevron/peak on the shoulders, mimicking a mountain peak (it is Colorado after all). Along with a more traditional design across the board, and a navy alternate that can be paired with navy or white pants, all while keeping the team's modern logo and font (both of which I think still look good despite their age).



Up Next: We take a trip to Jaguar country!


Huge Broncos fan, and I LOVE this! I, too, wish they'd go color rush. But unlike you, I dig the orange pants, and would love it as an option going forward. 

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Finals season means that work has picked up, but here is a quick new set to keep this series going.


Team 20: Jacksonville Jaguars

This set is a simple alteration to their current set, adding some outlines here and there, making the sleeve design more prominent, bringing back the old font, promoting teal as the new(ish) primary color, and returning the team's old black/teal flake helmet that was such a nice part of previous uniforms. It's nothing too imaginative, but it is a struggle to come up with a fresh look for a team with little branding stability, so I decided to borrow elements of different sets from the team's past.



Next up: Let the Good Times Roll

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On 9/30/2020 at 11:17 AM, stumpygremlin said:

I have two minor nitpicks:

1) I'd space the two digits in the "11" further apart.

2) I'd love to see two other players represented so that we see more of the font.


Other than that, I LOVE THE PATRIOTS' LOOK!


I am digging this look, but I'd love to see one change: for the all red uni set, make the helmet the old Pat the Patriot logo!

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On 8/30/2020 at 2:51 PM, HoopsCoach55 said:

Perhaps a better mix of the color schemes might help. Keep the unique silver-blue of the helmets and use a darker shade of royal, throwing back to the second color scheme when they added silver. I love the shade of the helmet and, to an extent, home pants, but hate that everything changes in the road set to navy and silver.

At this point, I don't even really care if the Dallas Cowboys' team colors are royal blue & silver or navy blue & silver. I just wish the Dallas Cowboys would utilize the same Pantone colors for blue & silver consistently throughout their helmet and unifor designs for both their white & primary color jerseys. I wish the Cowboys would use the same Pantone color for silver for their pants for both their white & primary color jerseys. That's all I wish the Cowboys would do.  I also wish the Cowboys would use the same striping patterns in the helmet for their jersey sleeves & side panel pant stripes. It drives me insane that the Cowboys use two completely different uniform designs already.

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