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  1. I LOVE the Rhythm's whole look, but put the logo on the helmet! I think it's a copout when teams put script on a helmet.
  2. The Alernate jersey is really unique. I'm digging it.
  3. I love that gold helmet!
  4. I'm loving this series, but I have one questions. Dewi Hillraisers - what is that in the primary logo? Is it a cycloptic dragon?
  5. I have no problem with sin, and I don't see it as evil, either. It's not a name that, In my opinion, looks/sounds/feels right for a football team, nor does it roll off the tongue. It's your circus, my man, you throw down how you want, I'm just offering my thoughts. You're very talented and I can't wait to see more.
  6. I am loving this series so far! And the Vegas logo, unis and color scheme rock, but the name Sinfuls doesn't do it for me. Based on what you've got, may I suggest Easy Riders?
  7. Big Broncos fan here. An interesting change! I am not a fan of the logo. The horse going outside the letter D just looks wrong to me. But man the uniforms are tight! I'd love to see the team wear those.
  8. Wow, what a start! Two great logos and uni combos.