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  1. I agree, save for Notre Dame in the Big 10. They don't need a conference. Love Houston's helmet and the designs so far! Wish Baylor would ditch the boring BU on the helmet.
  2. Broncos fan here. Love the new unis. Don't need to be fixed, IMO. I cannot wait for white jerseys and orange pants at road games.
  3. How about we go with Warriors, so they can use this helmet?
  4. As a Broncos fan, I like the jerseys! I am not enamored with the stripes, and I'd love to see a pair or orange pants for the road unis. And while I am not a fan of all white, that Snowcap Alternate looks slick.
  5. Used to live a stone's throw from Lehigh's campus. Would love those threads in real life.
  6. I still see a lot of red...
  7. Why are the Notre Dame helmets red and yellow??
  8. As a Broncos fan, I like the logo and unis, but keep the orange and blue!
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