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  1. I, personally, am not a fan of that either. To me, team names need to roll off the tongue. Zeniths does not. Why not Highlanders? Similar idea to Zenith and used to be the Yankees nickname.
  2. Portland and San Diego are hits! Well done!
  3. The Sun Rays concept is on point! I prefer the first logo, though.
  4. This is a unique project! I like it. I'm really liking the Canadian helmet and uniform set. For Germany, I think WLD42's suggestion for the jersey, along with black pants, would be a killer look.
  5. I am liking this "new" league. The Grinders helmet is awesome, reminds me of the Iowa Barnstormers. The Express are cool as well. The logo reminds me of the Steelers prison jerseys, which I like.
  6. I concur with QCS above, but also, I think Towers is a bad nickname for a team. I think there are a lot of better options.
  7. I really like this series. The Maroons uniform is neat, and I can appreciate the outside the box thinking on the logo. Th North Stars logo is the perfect way to do a redesign, IMO: honor a classic, but give it a new spin. I look forward to more!
  8. I think #1 is more in line with what real leagues would do. I think #2 is unique and that is my pick.
  9. Oh man, I love this! The Seals jersey is very unique. Well done. Can't wait for more!
  10. The Harbors is very unique! I and the like the effect on the PA numbers.
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