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Original Penguins Jersey Story

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I watched an NHL conspiracy iceberg video, which is basically where someone talks about different facts and theories on a topic which are layered into rows basically going from least to most obscure. In this video, one of the topics on the iceberg is a story about lost Penguins uniforms.  The story was that prototype Penguins jerseys were found in a dumpster behind Mellon Arena, and were very badly damaged. The story also mentions that the uniforms looked like the team's 2011 Winter Classic uniform. The reason this is on the iceberg is because no one could find the story, and only one person remembered it. Does anyone here know if this actually happened, or if it is someone misremembering something. In that case, what could they be confusing it with? Could this be a case of the team making up an inspiration for their fauxback uniforms, but they never widely spread the myth?



Here is the video (story is in layer 5): 


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The story I recall reading years ago was that this did happen, but not to prototypes.  At some point in between their first and second seasons, the Pens' equipment guys forgot where the heck they left the jerseys the team had worn in 67-68, and their condition when they finally found them is partially why their 68-69 uniforms used a completely different design.


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